Christmas in Germany – it’s all about the spirit

Germany is a country which has seen its’ high and low both in equal magnitude as it is clear from the history books that we read today. During the Second World War, Germany reached the peak of its powers under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. He led the Germans through a policy of expansion and numerous cities came under its authority. Germany expanded and emerged as one of the super powers then. However with its defeat in the Second World War the nation was reduced to nothing. With the passage of time and indeed very quickly Germany recovered from the harsh blow that the World War had inflicted on it. What really enabled Germany to recover was the unending spirit of the people who adapted themselves to any situation and made the best out of them. It is with this spirit and zeal that Christmas is celebrated every year in this European nation.

Christmas tree in Germany

We all place a Christmas tree in our houses every year during Christmas, but do we really know where this idea actually came from? Yes, that’s right. It was in Germany that the Christmas tree which is a tree belonging to the family of alpine trees was used for celebrating purposes. Many people guess that the concept of the Christmas tree emanated from England but it was actually brought to England by the then Queen’s husband. In fact it was also in Germany that the first artificial Christmas tree was manufactured using some goose feathers. Thus Germany and the Christmas tree share a bond of origin.

Some Christmas German Traditions

The Christmas traditions are not much different in Germany than the rest of Europe. They in recent times believe in the concept of Father Christmas. Previously it was mainly the concept of Christkind who is another name for the baby Jesus. He wears a white dress and with a wand in his hand leaves presents for gifts for the children. Now, the prevailing custom is that the children write letters and place them by their shoes in which they write whatever they want as presents. They put out their shoes near the window sill or on the door steps and fill them up with carrots and some grass. They believe that the horses driving Santa’s carriage will become hungry and will feed on these. Santa happy with the children’s kindness will fill up their shoes with a lot of gifts and nuts!

The German food and decorations

The German people surely bake a lot during this time of the year. The smell of muffins and cakes waft in the air throughout this period. They have baked loaves stuffed with fruits and cookies and roasted nuts as well. Germany transforms itself into a bakers’ paradise. The decorative items are similar to most of Europe except that they add they add to two items which they call the prune women and men. These are basically human figurines of a man and a woman. They are made of dried figs and walnuts. Germans also use wreaths for decorating.

Christmas in Germany is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and an atmosphere of happiness prevails.

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