Christmas in England

Christmas for England is a time for coming together, being with ones’ respective families and having a nice time together indulging in a lot of music and festivities. It is the winter months of England which gives the Christmas a special feel and people while sitting by their fire places enjoy a nice warm evening generally at their homes. The English people till date stick to their old traditions and that gives their celebration a different feel. Houses are decorated. Christmas trees are brought in houses and what not! Special dinners are prepared and friends and family members come over to have a nice time with all. Christmas happens to be England’s most celebrated and happening festival and people wait for it throughout the year.

Some traditions and customs

England is a store house of many Christmas traditions. In fact the idea of celebrating Christmas officially most probably originated from here. The first Christmas and seasons’ greeting card, the Christmas carols all have its roots embedded in England. There is this one particular custom peculiar to England, regarding Christmas. It in English is called mummering. This is much similar to the Spanish tradition where people from a particular village or town and gather together and put up a small act. The earliest date of the Christmas celebrations in England can be dated back as far as 596 AD. In this year, St.Augustine came to England and with a mission to spread Christianity propagated and perpetuated amongst the people the need to celebrate Christmas. Since then there has been no looking back. Though popularly referred to as Santa Claus, the English prefer to call him Father Christmas. With a red suit on and white long flowing beard, Father Christmas comes and gives the children a lot if presents which they, custom wise, are supposed to open on the morning of Christmas. The day after 25th of December in England is referred to as the Boxing Day. Tradition says that young boys had the habit of going from door to door collecting money in small mud boxes. After they felt they had collected enough they smashed the boxes and kept their collections to them. Traditionally the Christmas dinner must be eaten only during the afternoon of the day of Christmas, while daylight still persists.

Christmas Decorations in England

Apart from the carols and the feast there is also the Christmas decoration. It is a huge thing and people especially children take a lot of interest in it. Huge Christmas trees are purchased and brought in the house. Once in, the tree is decorated with thinker balls and bells, tiny lights and most of the time a star or an angel is placed at the top of the tree. The house is also decorated with lights and mistletoes are hung in some corners of the house. If two people step under the mistletoe at the same point of time, they are asked to kiss following a traditional myth by the Romans who believed that when under the mistletoe, enemies became friends. The lively Christmas decorations light up an English home.

Like everywhere else, Christmas in England is also a time for festivities and fun, a bit traditionally!

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