Christmas in Australia

When we think of Christmas the very first thing that comes to our mind are the winter months, roads covered with snow, houses decorated with lights and the slanting rooftops filled with snow and some time snow deposited on the leaves and branches of trees. But lo! Christmas in Australia is all about going to the beach and having a lot of fun in summer. Yes, Christmas in Australia comes in the summer months, that is during the month of December Australia experiences tremendous hot weather. People rush to the beaches or cool off indoors. This is time when the Australians put away their woolens and take out their bikinis! Sounds fun?  Let’s take a detailed look at how Christmas is celebrated in Australia.

The Australian approach to Christmas

Imagine celebrating Christmas in the heat of 30-35 degrees Celsius! However the Australians have adapted to the climate and each year they celebrate Christmas in their very own way- unique definitely on account of the way they celebrate it. Preparations for the Christmas celebrations for them like most of the countries of UK and USA begin generally two weeks before Christmas. They too follow the tradition of exchanging gifts and spending quality time with their family. Christmas is an official holiday in Australia. For the children who attend school Christmas is a special fun time for them since it falls within the days of their summer holidays and they get a lot of time to prepare for the special day. Australia we must remember is a country of many nationalities, to where people from various parts of the world have migrated over there to stay. There are people from England, America, Scotland, Ireland, Japan and many others. Each carries with them a special meaning of Christmas and they believe in celebrating it in their own way. While some bake the Yule Log the others prepare to make a fruit cake. While some decorate their houses with Christmas lights, the others put up little lamps. Some sing traditional Christmas carols whereas some opt for traditional folk songs. Thus this varied ethnicity of Australia, gives the celebrations of Christmas a special color. The best part of the whole thing is that each culture is appreciated by all and they share everything with each other. However due to various reasons, Christmas celebrations officially began a little late in Australia, sometime around the year of 1937.

Christmas for the Australians

Every year throngs of people gather together in the center of Melbourne and sing their favorite carols together. This gathering takes place on Christmas Eve and is referred to as the Carols by Candlelight. People go out for shopping in shorts and spend most of their time on the sandy beaches. Children have a lot of fun surfing. Sometimes even Santa Claus appears on the beach wearing shorts! Christmas gifts are opened on the morning of Christmas. For most of the Australians Christmas is the time to be celebrated with their family.

Hot it may be but the people of Australia, like rest of the people around the world, surely have a lot of fun during Christmas.

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