Christmas in America – the spirit of joy!

Christmas is celebrated in various regions of the world in various ways. There are many traditions of Christmas particular to different nationalities. Yet the spirit of being together and enjoying with family is commonly found in all almost every tradition. There are just a few alterations, but if all the nations come together and decide to spend Christmas as whole, there won’t be any problem, since Christmas promotes a feeling of harmony, peace and joy everywhere. The spirit of Christmas is no different in America than in the United Kingdom, however since people living here are separated by geographical boundaries they have different traditions to which they confine themselves. There are many provinces of America and nearly each one of them has a different tradition which they follow.

Some traditional ways of celebrating Christmas

Many people came from Europe and settled down in America. They brought along with them different customs which they believed in. Those who came and settled down in the southern parts had the habit of sending fire signals from their guns in the eyes as a way of greeting their far away friends on Christmas. This is something which is still found to be followed in the regions of Hawaii. They have a unique custom here, where Santa Claus is seen to come in a boat. In general, the Christmas feast is had out in the open. Washington D.C, the principle city of America follows a delightful tradition. A huge Christmas tree is decorated with lights and all sorts of luxuries. The lights of the tree comes to light only when on a fixed hour, whoever the present president may put them on by switching on a few switches. The tree is indeed a sight to behold. New Orleans uses an ox which is decorated beautifully with all sorts of accessories and then people march it out on the streets. Las Posadas is something which is followed in Arizona. It is basically a Mexican Tradition. They perform a kind of play where some people enact the roles of Joseph and Virgin Mary, who they show as looking for a place to stay. Since it is a time for song and dance there is procession which is seen in Philadelphia every year which they fondly refer to as the mummers parade. There are different customs in other places of America each unique in its own way.

Typical food and decorations

Well, if one has to talk of a Christmas feast or dinner in America, the first thing that is a must is a turkey, nicely roasted and with ample amount of vegetable and oodles of sauce. Then there is also the rich and heavy, yet lip smacking pudding which is also a must. For decorations, mistletoes and hollies are the favorite of the Americans. Plus they also put up lights and light those in the evening so that the snow covered roof tops and the house speak of a spirit of celebration. They sometimes also use candy canes and tinsel balls.

All in all, Christmas is a time for great fun and festivity in America.

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