Christmas Gifts for Dogs

We are well known for being a nation of pet lovers, and Christmas is an ideal time to spoil and pamper our four legged friends. There are many different ways you can indulge your pet, from buying them a brand new cosy bed or winter warmer, or giving them a tasty treat, or how about replacing some of their chewed and battered old toys for newer versions? There are also clothing options for the more discerning and fashion conscious owners amongst us, or you could always opt for an all rounder stocking filler that has a bit of everything. Check out our best finds and spoil your furry bestie this Christmas.


Dogs love toys of all varieties, but it’s the more unusual toys that typically make an appearance at Christmas.


We found this super Animal Instincts Gracie Grouse Plush Dog Toy from £5.95. It appeals to your dog’s instincts and gets the most reluctant pooch to play with it. When squeezed has a great squeaker sound for your dogs amusement, and it is ideal for any small, medium and large dogs to play or simply have a cuddle with. From PetSupermarket.


If you have a big dog then this Kyjen Long Bodied Gator Squeaker Mat for £22.99 is simply ideal. Just lay the mat out to its fullest length of 150cm in length and sit back as your dog jumps around on one of the 32 squeakers! The speakers are durable and even when dogs hunt down and eliminate one squeaker, there are plenty more to go! They can also shake and flap the long bodies of these toys. Every part of this toy is guaranteed to squeak and delight your dog. From Not On The High Street.


For some pet owners, dressing up their dogs is an absolute no-no, but for others, Christmas is the ideal time to indulge their pets and cover them in glory and clothing.


Check out this gorgeous Snowflakes Pattern Sweater for Dogs at just £6.94, which features lovely read and white Christmassy snowflake patterns, great for taking your dog out on Christmas morning.


If you really want to step up the Christmas action, how about this Santa Claus Costume Coat, complete with a hat for £12.33. Not only will your dog look like a doggy version of Santa Claus, but he or she will also be snugly and warm too!


If you always wanted to get into the FBI but failed the interviews, now is your chance to enrol your dog instead. This FBI Agent Style Vest costume, complete with pants for £9.50 will fool even the most hardened of criminals as you take to the streets.


We don’t leave out our princesses of dogs on this site, so for the pampered pooch owners have a look at this Christmas Style Snowflakes Stars Pattern Sweater with Hoodie for £7.74. Lovely pastel colours will contrast with your dogs colouring I’m sure!


Or how about this gorgeous over-the-top Plush Warm Coat with Bowknot Lace Hoodie for £16.22. For the seriously spoiled pooch amongst our readers!


Finally, to prove that bigger dogs need not miss out on the coat wearing action, here is a very proud Labrador wearing his Pure Cotton Stripe Style Pet T-Shirt costing £10.52.

All costumes available from Mini In The Box and come in assorted sizes.


Last year my neighbour bought my retriever Henry the most enormous bone I had ever seen, and he loved it but more importantly, it lasted him for several weeks! If you want to treat your dog, or someone’s that you know, here’s two of the best.


These Antler Dog Chews Antler Bakes costing £4.99 are made from 100% natural ingredients and hand-baked in Britain. These biscuits contain ground antler, which has many health benefits such as improving blood circulation, boosts the immune system and improves muscle recovery. From Muddy Paws.


Looking like a box of chocolate Celebrations, this Good Boy Chocolate Allsorts for £4.66 is a delicious treat multipack for dogs that contains Chocolate Drops, Milk Drops, a Chocolate Flavoured Tennis Ball and a Chocolate Flavoured Hide Blend Chew, from PetSupermarket.

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