Christmas Day – The most special occasion for all Christians

The most special occasion for all Christians, throughout the world is the 25th of December or popularly known as the Christmas day. It is a time of great festivity and a lot of preparations go in to make this day very special for everyone. People celebrate throughout the day and the preparations begin at least a week before Christmas. The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, candles, tinkle balls, bells and many other accessories. Kids out up stockings in the hope to find presents in them or near about left by Santa Claus in the morning. Kids, believe that Santa Claus, a bearded fat man in a red suit comes and good-naturedly leaves presents for every little kid who asks for them.

History and ambiguity

Christmas Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God on Earth. On this day Jesus was born to Virgin Mary and Joseph, who was conceived by Mary through a Holy Spirit. Even before his birth he was destined to become the savior of mankind, who purged man of all his sins. Three wise men from East came to Bethlehem, in search of the child who was born in a stable and gave him gifts. Thus the tradition of giving gifts stems from this incident maybe. There is much controversy regarding fixing the date of Christmas. Following the Julian calendar and by the early Christians, 25th of December was fixed to be the birth date of Christ. However, with a change in the attitude of mankind and the question of reasoning and rationality coming in the forefront some debates regarding the actual date of the birth of Christ arose. Of the four solstices, the winter solstice falls on the 25th of December of each year. On this day the distance between the sun and the earth is the maximum. After this date the length of the day beings to increase and that of the night decreases. The most celebrated scientist, Isaac Newton declared that the date of Christmas was fixed on the 25th of December so that it tallies with the winter solstice. There are other arguments regarding the date as well but till date 25th of December is taken to be the actual birth day of Jesus Christ.

What to do on Christmas day

The Christmas morning is special for the children since they run to the adorned Christmas tree to find presents, which they believe have been left by Santa Claus. Christians go to the church on the morning of Christmas for the mass. Sometimes at 12’o’clock in the night of 24th of December, people go to the church to celebrate the commencing first few hours of the Holy day. The rest of the day id followed with celebrations and good food. Roasted meats and baked products are the essential dishes which are prepared. Wine and champagne are the chosen favorites. Throughout the day people celebrate the felling of togetherness by spending time with their family.

Christmas day is for Christians and non Christians alike a public holiday and a day of celebration.

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