Christmas Characters: the ones who make Christmas more fun!

There are many stories which revolve around Christmas. In fact there are more stories which have evolved out of Christmas.

Now, what makes the stories more fun – The characters which come to life from the pages of the book or from the words of legend. We hear about them and their activities and from them we form our own idea of Christmas. They make Christmas more fun for the kids.

Christmas story books and cartoons give an illustrated example of their doings. All in all the characters add a new life to the perception of Christmas. While kids laugh and clap with glee when they hear of their Christmas characters, adults smile peacefully remembering all the happy childhood memories.

Thus the characters add a bit of nostalgia to it as well. Through all these years of celebrating Christmas, the characters have become an essential part of it.

Santa Claus: the man with a sack of presents!

The first and foremost character which comes to one’s mind when referring to Christmas characters is definitely the chubby cheeked, pot-bellied gentleman in a red suit carrying  a whole sack full of presents which he wants to give out to all the children.

Children believe that Santa comes through the chimney in the dead of night and leave presents for them by their Christmas trees or near their beds. Though as legends and myths says, Santa Claus is modeled from the character of Saint Nicholas who was known for his generosity in the town of Patara, Santa has become much of a fictional figure now.

Children buy small figurines of Santa Claus and hang them from the branches of the trees. Till date, when it comes to Christmas, Santa or Father Christmas is the most well-known character.

Rudolph: It’s time for the Reindeers

“Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose!”….This is one of the very famous songs when it comes to Christmas. Rudolph is one of those reindeers which drive Santa’s magical sledge which flies in the sky. This particular one is the most popular of all the ones and most probably it is the 9th one in line.

The most striking feature of Rudolph is his big and shiny red nose which is believed to glow in the dark sky. There is an entire book relating the stories of Rudolph which was published some time in 1939.

From then onwards the fame of Rudolph has spread far and wide. This dear who shows Santa the path through the dark night sky is a favorite of all. Really, Santa’s magical sledge is unimaginable without Rudolph.

Apart from these two principle characters related to Christmas, there are various others like Old Man Winter. Some think of him as a personification of the winter season while for some Old Man Winter is just another name for Father Christmas.

Apart from him, we have the snow man, Jack Frost, another two reindeers namely Robbie and Olive. They all form a part of the great tradition of Christmas and are remembered by all at this time of the year.

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