Christmas Celebrations in the Workplace

Whether you work in a factory, an office or a school, Christmas is a time when many people like to bring a treat into the office to share the holiday spirit with their co-workers. Unfortunately, many fall at the first hurdle; figuring out what to bring. This year, you can choose from a handy list and find something to make everybody happy.

Baked goods are perhaps the most popular option, but many people feel they are unable to get it sorted. If you plan to go for home-made baked goods, plan in advance! Don’t try to aim too close to Christmas itself; plan to take them in on the Monday before the holidays, so you have two days to complete the baking. Invest in some high-quality airtight containers and your baked-goods should not be stale in the slightest.

Mince pies are an obvious and traditional option. Better yet; jarred mince filling is perfectly fine and your pies will still count as homemade as long as you put it all together! Shortcrust pastry is a bit of a challenge for the inexperienced baker, but I will post a recipe even the most inept of beginners can get their head around, nearer the time – you may find that getting the perfect crumbly shortcrust is a walk in the park! To put a personal touch onto your mince pies, cut the tops out with Christmas-themed cookie cutters rather than covering them with the traditional full top with a slit to let the steam out. Alternatively, you can cut people’s first initial out of the dough and further personalise the idea! For a truly adorable mixture, cut out Christmas trees, stars, and other shapes and make a lovely mix.

Biscuits or even chocolate chip muffins can be an amazing contribution, too. Don’t feel constrained by the season if there is a recipe you’re more familiar with, and be willing to take a step away from individual portions with a sizeable pie or cake. Even a gingerbread house would make for an amazing contribution to your workplace’s holiday spirit!

A wonderful alternative to the baked item is a dry-mix with recipe. Buy some cheap plastic or glass jars and fill them with the dry ingredients for a cookie mix. The Christmassy-er, the better! Don’t forget to layer the ingredients the way you used to in primary school when making art with coloured sand, and finish the whole off with a wide, Christmas-themed ribbon. For extra points, buy some Christmas-themed cookie cutters and attach two or three of them to each jar with that same ribbon. Stick a label on the jar containing the recipe, as the people you give these to will need to mix up the wet ingredients and know how to bake the biscuits, and voila – a personal, low-cost option!

Put your baked goods in a communal area and announce to everyone that they are to help themselves. Before you know it, you’ll be overrun with people wanting just one more helping! If you opted for the jars, deliver them to each desk, preferably before everyone comes in; it will make for a lovely surprise!

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