Christmas celebrated in France

Christmas is such a festival which is celebrated in various places throughout the world. There are many customs and traditions attached to it which various from place to place. Different regions of the world have different names by which they refer to Christmas. Some countries have different memories of Christmas than other countries. Christians are present in almost every corner of the world and wherever they go they carry the tradition of Christmas along with them. While some put stress in the Christmas mass others put stress on the Christmas celebrations. The mode of celebration does vary from place to place but the spirit of happiness and joy is the same everywhere. The general feeling of harmony is common throughout. Christmas is a joyous occasion indeed.

Some traditions of the French Christmas

During the month of December, if a French man wishes you Joyeux Noel, know that he is wishing you a very merry Christmas! Much similar to all the places around the world, in France also this is the time for all the family members to come together and spend happy hours together. Sometimes while buying gifts for themselves and their family members they also at times, buy some more gifts and distribute them among the poor to generate a general feeling of celebration. There are midnight masses as well. After the mass a huge feast is organized which is known as the le Reveillon. This feast carries a lot of meaning for them. The le Reveillon signifies for them the auspicious event of the birth of Jesus Christ. They indulge in a lot of merriment during the feast and people enjoy to their heart’s content. Not everywhere in France is Christmas celebrated on the 25th of December. 25th December is an official holiday on which all the banks remain closed. There are certain areas in Franc e where the Christmas festivities commence from the 6th day of December. Which is often referred to as le fete de Saint Nicolas. Again in some areas Christmas celebrations begin from the 8th day of December. Students have a gala time during Christmas. They write letters to Santa Claus and each in turn receive a letter from him. This is an official rule in France. They also put up shoes unlike socks in the hope that Santa will come in the dead of the night and leave presents for them.

French Delicacies during Christmas

The most important of all the French food during Christmas is the desert. People eat lip smacking deserts after the main course. The famous Yule Log is definitely one of the specialties of France. This chocolate cake full of chestnuts can leave anyone wanting more. Then there is the Trieze Deserts which is available in the area of Provence. There is also a round cake which is had on Epiphany. The cake is generally served by children. This cake is popularly known as La Galette des Rois.  The deserts are always what people look forward to after every Christmas dinner. A well prepared desert charms everyone.

France has her own unique way of celebrating Christmas, a time for great festivities and merriment.

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