Christmas card circulation today

Christmas is the time for harmony and peace. It is the time to promote fellow-feeling amongst all. There are various ways to do that. People go to each others’ houses and exchange gifts and pleasantries. Those who live far away from their near and dear ones or those whose friends stay in another country or far away from them people like to send Christmas greetings to them. It is a time when everybody wishes each other well. Christmas cards is perhaps the best way to pass on greetings to someone who stays away or abroad. This is a very traditional way of greeting each other and it has been there since time immemorial. Even in this fast paced world people take some time off to send each other Christmas greetings. It will be wrong to assume that only Christians follow the practice of sending each other Christmas cards prior to 25th of December. This is a custom which has been imbibed by many across the world. It does not really matter whether one is a Christian or not.

History of the Christmas Cards

Looking at it from the commercial point of view Christmas greetings cards are of great value. It was during the year of 1843 when a man by the name of Sir Henry Cole first conceived and conceptualized the idea of a commercial Christmas greeting card. He was based in London. The painting on the card was done by an artist named John Callcott Horsley. It proved to be a major success and was purchased by the people. The price of each card was one shilling. The pictures of the early greeting cards circulated for Christmas mainly promoted the idea of a nice family time but later on it also included religious images like those which gave a picture of the birth of Christ. Apart from the commercial Christmas greeting cards there were official ones too. The first of this kind was circulated during the middle of the 19th century by none other than Queen Victoria, the then Queen of England. From then on the idea of circulating Christmas cards took a head start and today it has become a tradition.

Christmas card circulation today

There are a variety of Christmas cards available today. These greeting cards flood the market a few weeks before the 25th of December. People go and purchase them and post it to their family and friends or colleagues to wish each other well. Sometimes Christmas cards also come along with New Year wishes which are also sent. The cards also carry special messages. One can nowadays buy Christmas cards online as well and send them via email. Greeting cards are also available for free to which one can add personal messages and then send the card. There is also a tradition of sending home-made Christmas cards. They are a delight to make and may include doodling of a toddler to an oil painting of an artist. Cards are also made by the less privileged children and they are available in the market contributing in a fine way to charity.

Along with the candles, presents and the Christmas tree, the Christmas cards have also become an inseparable part of Christmas celebrations today.

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