7 of the Best Supermarket Christmas Cakes for 2018

Not all of us have the time or can be bothered, let’s face it, to make our own Christmas cakes. This is when we splash out and hope the supermarkets have done us proud.

So which Christmas cakes wowed the Shoppersbase office this year?

Here are our picks for the Best Supermarket Christmas Cakes of 2018

Morrisons The Best Christmas Poinsettia Fruit Cake, 1.5kg – £12


Winner of the BBC Good Food Christmas Taste Awards in 2018. This cake is packed with fruits of the vine and a touch of orange zest and cognac give it a grown-up feel. Lovely gingerbread flavour.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Falling Leaves Iced Fruit Cake, 1.3kg – £15


The Olive Magazine tasting panel voted this their favourite Christmas cake by a mile. A dense fruit cake made with cherries, raisins and crunchy almonds for texture. With a just a hint of brandy, this is not too overpowering. Beautifully decorated.

Waitrose Entertaining Fiona Cairns Chocolate Fruitcake, 1.5kg – £30


This is very much like Nigella Lawson’s take on a modern Christmas cake. The chocolate adds a richness whilst the orange citrus gives a burst of zing. Lovely and moist and topped only with marzipan, so not too sickly sweet either.

ASDA Extra Special Brandy-Soaked Iced Fruit Cake, 907g – £9.00


This is the best value for money out of all our picks of Christmas cakes. Great if you just want to have a cake in case someone wants a slice or for unexpected guests. Contains the usual suspects, vine fruit soaked in brandy but with added crunch from selected nuts.

Betty’s Soft Iced Baubles Christmas Cake, 1.6kg -£30.00


You can’t go wrong with a Betty’s cake for Christmas. Hand-decorated in this lovely contemporary design and a rich fruity cake under a covering of thick marzipan.

Aldi Exquisite Christmas Cake, 1.5kg – £9.99


Lots of texture in this cake from Aldi which makes it a pleasant change from all the dense, rich fruit Christmas cakes. The addition of crunchy hazelnuts and almonds compliments the vine fruits which have been soaked in orange juice and the award-winning Grand Dauphine liqueur.

Waitrose Richly Fruited Christmas Cake, 1kg – £12.80


Finally, if you don’t like too much marzipan or any icing then this is the cake for you. Or, you could use it to decorate yourself. It is simply a moist fruitcake with brandy-soaked vine fruits with a citrus tang. Matured for 6 months.

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