Christmas and New Year Breaks: Basking in Barbados

Do you feel like getting away from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life? Well, try a trip to the Caribbean island of Barbados. While remaining independent, Barbados never forgets to embrace its British Empire roots. Among the British accents, you will find something as simple as the tradition of afternoon tea, or the game of Cricket as the national sport. History is fresh here, as proved by the many 18th- and 19th-century homes dispersed throughout the island.

Hundreds of people swarm to the island’s crimson-and-white sands and its turquoise waters each year. Just ask a Bajan what his culture is built on- I’m sure he’ll quickly say, “A bank of coral, colonialism, and Christianity – swirled among a strong calypso rhythm.

When should I go?

Prepare your travel arrangements whenever you are ready. The country of Barbados lies exceptionally close to the equator, so daylight and evening hours are pretty much balanced. The best period to visit Barbados is between December and July, when hurricanes are rare. Just abide by this Bajan folklore:

July – stand by

August – no fuss

September – remember

October – all over

What is there to do?

The west coast, sitting below sea level, is softly enveloped by a cool Caribbean breeze, star-studded beaches and amateur divers dipping into a rainbow of aquatic life. The east is best known for taking a relaxing hike, or picnic with your loved ones. It is also a great place to enjoy the thrill of surfing. An extraordinary scene awaits you at one of the many Jacobean mansions located in St. Nicholas Abbey. The Andromeda Botanical Garden or Farley Hill National Park provide quiet safe-havens for a pleasant stroll. Thirsty?

Grab a tour of the infamous Mount Gay Rum Factory.

Let’s go Shopping!

Spend a day in Bridgetown gathering souvenirs and memories amongst an array of beautiful watches, crystal, and jewelry. Feast on a rum cake from the Pelican Crafts Centre while admiring fine pottery (vases, glazed plates, ornaments and more) from Earthworks.

Find Entertainment in the Nightlife

Stay on a large resort in the west, and never take more than a few steps to the various pubs and wine bars. Ever heard of a “Caf Crawl”? Check it out for yourself on Baxters Road in Bridgetown for an exciting experience you will never forget! Or chill out with your friends, family or loved one in some of the best sports bars and clubs, known for their sugar or salt-rimmed margarita glasses and lime-tipped beers. Whether you fancy a drink or not, Barbados is definitely the place you want to be when the sun sets.

Restaurants and Dining

Seafood is the insignia here, from the high-end restaurants to the beachside cafes. Paired with a side of fiery Cou-Cou (a delicious mixture of cornmeal and okra), or Pudding ‘n souse (cured pork, breadfruit and succulent sweet-potato pudding), the local dishes are waiting to season your taste buds. Whether you choose to go in April or September, a trip to Barbados certainly needs to be on your list of To-Do’s.

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