Choosing what Colour to Paint your Lounge

The lounge is usually the part of your home that you unwind in after a stressful day at work and is also likely to be the place your guests will be most familiar with. It is fair to say, therefore that the lounge is a reflection of the style you want to convey to the outside world. When choosing the colour to paint your lounge walls, bear in mind the following tips:

1)      Traffic – Are there any high traffic areas? These are places that are more likely to be brushed up against and leant on and are so more likely to get grubby. Try using a durable wash and wear paint here.

2)      Your unique flair – What colours and colour combinations appeal to you? What style of décor do you like? If you like a simpler look, chances are that you are going to want an uncomplicated wall colour without a lot of different paint effects.

3)      Furniture – What is the furniture in the room like? Do you have feature pieces or do you want the walls to create the feature? You can do this by painting one wall in a contrasting colour to the others – this creates a dramatic feature wall.

4)      Theme of room – Are you going for a formal lounge or a casual lounge? Whichever theme you choose, the wall colours will have to match.

5)      What size is the room and how much light is there? If the room is large and airy, you can get away with painting it dark colours. If it is small or poorly lit, you will have to use lighter colours. You are also going to have to choose wisely if the room is an awkward shape. It is also important to consider the finish of the paint – a matt paint will tend to absorb light whereas a glossy paint will reflect it.

It is also a good idea to try to get a sample of the colour and try it out on a patch of wall. Check it out for a couple of days before you actually commit to it and see if you are happy with the overall effect in all light conditions. It is better to try it on a small patch first to be sure than to have to repaint the entire room because the colour turned out badly

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