Choosing the Right Travel Agent

You want your holiday to exceed your expectations and to be exciting but you do not want unpleasant surprises. A good travel agent will match your expectations as closely as possible and try to ensure that your holiday is fun and problem-free. Ideally speaking, you should be looking for a travel agent with some experience in the industry.

How do They Process Data?

There is a lot of data to be gathered when it comes to putting together travel deals – the foreign exchange rates fluctuate minute to minute and airfares can also fluctuate depending on basic supply and demand scenarios. Is your travel agent equipped to handle this vast amount of data? And, most importantly, can they help you with such apparently “minor” issues?

What Qualifications do They Have?

There is not a whole lot to stop anyone off the street becoming a travel agent. Make sure that your travel agent is properly qualified and that they keep up to date with the latest in the travel industry. You will also want to ensure that the travel agent is financially secure before paying money across to them. The travel agent should be a member of a specific travel association and you can check there if any complaints have been filed. If you want to find out more about his or her past experience, studies and whether anyone has ever complained about his or her services, use Google. 

This is About You

This is your holiday and a good agent will know that. They should ask questions about what specific needs you have rather than just pushing a package tour off onto you. They should also have the facility to keep this on file for future reference. Your travel agent should provide you with different options and be able to explain the legalities and other pertinent information about your trip. They should be able to negotiate a better deal on flights and accommodation for you. 

Does it Look Legit?

The travel agent should be able to tell you exactly what resort you will be staying in when you book your trip. If they do not, it may mean that the reservations have not yet been made. Details of the tour should also be in black and white – make sure you know exactly what is included and what is excluded.

What Contacts do They Have?

How will the travel agency be able to help you if something goes wrong on your tour? Make sure that you have contact details before you leave in case of emergencies. 

What is the Refund Policy?

What happens if you miss a connecting flight or the tour is cancelled? What happens if you change your mind about the tour? Do you get a refund? This is important to establish beforehand or you may end up paying for a holiday you didn’t get to take. Overall, it is best to be cautious and to do your research before handing over money. Use a reputable agent and give your holiday the best chance of success.

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