Choosing the Right Linksys Wireless Routers For You

Cisco has recently unveiled two new models of their Linksys wireless routers to the general public.  The main draw of these

Linksys Wireless Routers

Linksys Wireless Routers

new units is its simplified configuration for people to be able to use it at home and in small offices.  These new routers are very similar to Apple’s airport features, while providing its users an easier time in connecting their devices wirelessly to the router.

Cisco developed these new Linksys wireless routers to be used by people at home and thus the features are kept simple.  The base design is that of the Valet series while adding a few points for configuration for advanced users.  These are readily available in many retail outlets such as Wal-mart, Best Buy and online stores like Amazon.

These routers are made with simplicity in mind, while not sacrificing the power and performance of the standard line of Linksys wireless routers.  The price range is at around $79.99 for the four-port router that you can use with wired devices.  The connection speed can vary from 10 to 100 mbps.  For wireless users, the speed can even go up to 300 mbps.  This is good enough for home users who are using the internet for browsing, e-mail and light internet usage.  The Linksys E2000 advanced router can accommodate faster transfer speeds of up to 1000 mbps and this is good for users with a Gigabit connection and devices that can accommodate said speed like computers or hard disks.  This is good for people who are always accessing media via streaming.  This is recommended for people who play online games and for people who play a lot of media using their internet-enabled HD televisions.

For people with Linux operating systems, there is also a special router designed to optimally perform using Linux-based programs.  You will be able to fully customize your network by using the Linux programs and tools.  It also has four ports for wired connection and already has a built in server that can stream media to other devices like the XBOX 360, PS3 and others.  Linksys has always been a trusted brand by many in terms of online connectivity devices.  Their wide product range caters to people with different needs, whether for home or personal usage, for entertainment and for work.  The Linksys wireless routers are the most dependable among the ones available today, and the price is also low enough to be afforded by everyone.

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