Choosing the Right Colour for your Bedroom Walls

The colour of your bedroom walls may not seem to be an important design element but it makes a huge impact on the overall mood and feeling of the room. In order to choose the right colour for your bedroom walls, you need to consider a number of elements.

1)      Personal style – What is your personal style? Do you like the minimalist effect or do you prefer something a bit more colourful? If you like a minimalist look, hot pink is not going to be the right colour for your bedroom walls.

2)      Bedroom furnishings – What furniture is going to be in the bedroom? What type of flooring is there? The right colour for your bedroom is going to take these elements into consideration and should harmonise with them, not clash.

3)      Overall Mood of the Room – Do you want your bedroom to be a sanctuary? Do you want it to be a romantic styled room? Bear in mind that colour influences mood and energy levels.  Colours on the cool side of the spectrum, such as blues and greens are very relaxing whereas warm colours are energising. You may find that a crimson red is too energising to be the right colour for your bedroom walls.

4)      Consider the size and shape of the bedroom – A small room is going to look even smaller if painted in dark colours. You can, however, use colour to create optical illusions in rooms that are a strange shape. For example, in a room that is rather long and narrow, painting one of the narrowest walls and dark colour will make this wall appear closer. Choose a complimentary light shade and paint the other walls in this in order to make them appear to recede. This will give the illusion that the room is better proportioned than it actually is.

5)      The amount of light in the room – If the room is dark and poorly lit, it is unwise to compound the problem by painting the bedroom walls a dark colour. In this situation, a light colour will help lighten the room by reflecting what little light there is and so is the right colour for your bedroom walls.

Even if you follow all the above tips, there is no guarantee that you have chosen the right colour for your bedroom walls until it has been painted on so make sure you get a sample to try on a small patch first. View the sample in different light conditions to make sure you like all the effects. By doing a bit of legwork in the beginning you can save a lot of trouble in the end.

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