Choosing the Perfect Presents for Strangers

Whether they are the birthday girl or guy at a party you’re attending or the host or hostess of a dinner evening, you can often find yourself needing a present for someone you don’t, or barely know. It can be so difficult to choose something that people will generally like while still showing some class and style in the process. But with this guide you will be able to choose the perfect present and show yourself to be the perfect new friend.

Alcohol is a tried and true method, however you may wish to check with a mutual friend that they do drink. It would be quite the faux pas to bring a bottle of scotch to a teetotaller, for example, or to gift a recovering alcoholic with a jug of wine. Nevertheless, when alcohol is appropriate it is easy enough to pick a bottle within your price range and decorate it tidily with a nice stick-on bow. Voila: instant present.

Flowers are another popular choice, but hayfever and the way flowers are so transient make it a poor idea in some cases. A plant may be more appropriate, and won’t cost much more. Tying a ribbon around the pot allows you to dress it up, and the recipient will have an ongoing reminder of your company.

Gift cards are a lovely way of showing someone you know that you care about them, but it can be difficult to pick a shop when you don’t know the recipient very well, and they are hard to dress up nicely. Chocolates are great for most people, but allergies, diets, or diseases like diabetes may make it a poor choice, and if you don’t know your recipient it can be hard to predict how they will respond.

An excellent choice that will suit most, if not all people is high-quality toiletries. Nip into Lush and you will be able to purchase a selection of bath bombs, bubble bars, and other toiletries that contain all natural ingredients. This will hugely reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions or intolerances, and present an amazing sight as well as providing the recipient with a lovely smell. Additionally, they can count on a lot of relaxation spurred on by the baths they will take to enjoy the present in question. Many people find that bath essentials cause them to take the time out to chill in their tub, and find it improves their lives and their outlook.

Buying a present for a stranger is a daunting task, and giving money is frowned upon in these situations. But with this helpful guide you can surprise and delight the recipient with your excellent taste.

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