Choosing the Right Foot Spa

There are many different types of foot spa on the market at present, and surprisingly they do different things; from de-toxing your body, to eliminating parasites and simply massaging your feet. If you are looking for a particular foot spa for yourself or for a loved one, then have a look at our featured ones, there is something here for everyone’s needs.
Conair® Massaging Foot Spa - $69.95

Conair® Massaging Foot Spa – $69.95

Pamper your feet as never before with the Conair® Massaging Foot Spa. With six powerful water jets, four aerating bubble strips, four removable foot massage rollers and soft gel inserts for a lighter touch, your feet will be pampered as never before!

Use the touch-pad controls to choose combinations of vibration and heat, bubbles and heat, and water jets for a custom spa experience. The Conair® Massaging Foot Spa’s five pedicure attachments polish and groom your feet while you relax, then stow away neatly in the removable center storage panel. Purchase from http://www.brookstone.com
Crystal Mud Foot Spa Bath - $24.95

Crystal Mud Foot Spa Bath – $24.95

The Crystal Mud Foot Spa Bath is an indulgent foot soak infused with herbal compounds, natural minerals and aromatic oils. The uniquely soothing crystals in the Crystal Mud Foot Spa Baths provide a rejuvenating and invigorating spa experience right from the comfort of your own home.

Simply mix the Crystal Mud powder into a tub with heated water and watch as the water thickens into an aromatic, relaxing mud. Once finished, pour a little of the included dissolving powder into the mix and the Crystals dissolve quickly back into water! Crystal Mud Foot Spa Baths repair and replenish dry cracked feet, while the enriched blend of herbs and oils dissolves away stress and anxiety. Visit http://www.activeforever.com for more information.
i-need® Soothing Foot Massager - $199.95

i-need® Soothing Foot Massager – $199.95

Sore, tired feet? You need the i-need® Foot Massager. It combines the best features of our Shiatsu massagers with kneading air pressure. Simply press the On/Off button (use your big toe!) and place your feet inside the massager. The Shiatsu massager’s nodes start to roll, soothing and invigorating the bottoms of your feet, while kneading air pressure relieves tightness on the tops of your feet and ankles. Our premium foot massagers are easy to use. The i-need Foot Massager features a choice of high and low speeds, two levels of air pressure intensity and three rolling Shiatsu programs. No need to worry about batteries–the included AC adapter works in any standard wall socket. Buy from http://www.brookstone.com

Detox Foot Spa – $99.98

The detox foot spa re-hydrates, re-balances and re-energizes your entire body! Fill with water, add low-sodium salt and enjoy one relaxing 30-minute treatment per week. The water darkens as toxins are drawn from your pores. It improves circulation, helps treat psoriasis, eczema, leg edema. The refill kit includes array coil, 30 plastic bags, 100 grams low-sodium salt. AC adaptor included. Plastic, electronics, 19 x 15 x 43″. Suitable for all ages and ailments. Buy from http://www.shopgetorganized.com
Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath Detoxification system with mp3 Player - $149.95

Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath Detoxification system with mp3 Player – $149.95

This advanced highly therapeutic aqua foot spa is a professional detoxification system which provides full body purification. Listen to soothing music with a built-in brand new Mp3 player while you detoxify and cleanse your body of toxins. Add your own relaxing Mp3s to the collection of therapeutic music already uploaded to the system using the USB chord (included).  It features two complete working systems – you can use two arrays to provide service for two people at the same time. Take advantage of this limited time offer!

Helps to increase energy and reduced stress, cleanses the liver, kidneys and rids of parasites whilst helping to purge heavy metals. Significant Pain Relief. Improve Memory and Sleep. Helps with Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems. Enhances Immune System. Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast or Fungus. Alleviates Constipation. Buy from http://www.the3q.com

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