Choosing a Christmas Jumper for your man

It is the trend that shows no sign of abating, the novelty Christmas jumper, and whereas once upon a time they were firmly in the ‘Granny gift’ territory, nowadays girlfriends are getting in on the act. We blame Colin Firth for setting off the trend on the first place in Bridget Jones Diary, when he wore a particularly fetching Rudolph the Reindeer sweater, but now that they are here, how do you choose one for your man?

There are basically two different styles of Christmas jumper around; the over-the-top novelty type that features cartoonish festive animals, or the more restrained style, which will have a patterned festive print. All you now have to decide is which one will suit your man. So for instance, is he the life and the soul of any party? Always surrounded by friends in the pub as he regales them with hilarious tales and jokes? Or is he more of a stylish, contemplative type, has his eye on fashion and wouldn’t dream of wearing a pair of comedy slippers? Once you know who you are buying for you can then make your choice.

Here are some suggestions:


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Channel your inner Colin Firth, with this fabulous Rudolf Jumper from Outcast, and it’s only £25, available from Bank Fashion. We love this polar bear jumper from Jacamo, costing £30, it’s sure to get all the girls going ‘Ahh!’ Or check out the great selection of novelty jumpers on eBay. This Elf jumper in navy is just one of many from seller raveswholesale, and costs a measly £12.99!


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This is a great example of a Christmassy patterned jumper that you could even wear out of season. The Grey Tokyo Laundry Fair Isle jumper costs £30 from River Island and the purple and greys are a nice change from the typical reds and greens on offer. Joe Browns Ultimate Cardi costs £49.95 and features a super print of grey snowflakes, the material is also 30% wool. We love this Brushed Black Pattern jumper from Topman, not just because it is reduced from £42 to £26, but the pattern is full of bright primary colours and in a block on the chest.

Bit of both

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If your guy is a fun person with a sense of style, you can always opt for something a little in-between. Like this Easy Fair Isle Cardigan for £30 from Matalan shows that you can mix subtle with statement prints; the cute reindeer appear alongside snowflakes to create a festive scene. Or check out this BellField Asio Jumper at £40, it is a mixture of a festive print, showing an Artic scene, but not too over-the-top. His mates might even like it! Or how about this subtle navy Fair Isle Stag jumper from River Island for £35. We love the attention of the fair isle pattern and the quirky touch of using a stag instead of the typical reindeer.

Anti Christmas

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Finally, would you believe there are some people who do not rejoice at the thought of spending ten hours in the kitchen on Xmas Day, braving the shopping crowds in the run up or having to watch mindless seasonal TV? I know, crazy right? Here are a few suggestions just for them. This Bah Humbug! Jumper from Tesco costs £16 and is an ironic look at the festive season for the guy that has had enough already. Or how about this Seasonal Affective Disorder jumper from CafePress for £27? Or our favourite, for those have really had enough, the Merry Feckin’ Christmas Anti-Christmas costs £19.99 from Amazon and is available in various colours and sizes.

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