Choosing the Best Colour Eyeshadow for your Eyes

Choosing the Best Colour Eyeshadow for your Eyes

Eyeshadow can make eyes literally pop out, or hide their true beauty. If you are stuck in a make-up regime, where you only ever use a certain shade on your eyes, then it might be time for an upgrade, but which colour to choose?

There are shades that work for some eye colours but clash on others. So which shades enhance your natural eye colour and which ones should you avoid?

Take a look at our suggestions for all eye colours, including brown,, blue, green hazel and gray.


Brown-eyed girls are able to wear all shades from the colour spectrum, but the ones that suit them the most are natural colours, such as rich berry purples, plums and deep lilacs, and moss greens.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Luxury Palette’ Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette – $52.00

Charlotte Tilbury 'Luxury Palette' Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette - $52.00

A range of plum colours here including a definer and a highlighter.

From: shop.nordstrom.com

Clinique ‘All About Shadow’ Eyeshadow Quad – $29.00

Clinique 'All About Shadow' Eyeshadow Quad - $29.00

Three natural deep shades of green accompanied by a highlighter. Use on their own of blend together.

From: shop.nordstrom.com


Don’t stick to blue or brown shadows if you have blue eyes. Think about the colour spectrum and what is opposite blue, it is orange, and these two colours look amazing when paired up. Go for warm shades like bronzes and rusted golds to really make blue eyes shine. Also try neutral nudes and darker beiges.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette 03 – $60.00

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette 03 - $60.00Five shades of earthy terracotta that can be worn on their own or blended for a unique look.

From: Sephora.com

Urban Decay Naked3 – $54.00

Urban Decay Naked3 - $54.00

A collection of neutral rose tinted shades that range from purest pale to deepest shimmer. Contains 12 different shades in metallic finishes, mattes and pearls.

From: Sephora.com


Green eyes come alive when they are framed with deep purples and lilacs. Burgundy and cranberry shades also work surprisingly well, as they enhance the natural green, making it seem more alive.

Ulta Complete Eye Palette Soul – $12.00

Ulta Complete Eye Palette Soul - $12.00Co-ordinated palette that takes the guesswork out of knowing which colour goes with which.

From: ulta.com

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette – $32

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette - $32

You won’t find colours like these anywhere else in the beauty aisles. MAC have created a stunning palette that contains all depths of burgundy with a highlighter as well.

From: shop.nordstrom.com


Hazel eyes can take bright, unusual colours. Think eye-popping violets or electric blues. You can be bold and adventurous with hazel eyes or you can go subtle with neutral, natural hues.

Dolce&Gabbana Smooth Eye Color Quad – $62.00

Dolce&Gabbana Smooth Eye Color Quad - $62.00

Bright blues that range in a series of matt and pearl finishes to give you multiple application options.

From:  shop.nordstrom.com

Dior ‘5 Couleurs Couture’ Eyeshadow Palette – $62.00

Dior '5 Couleurs Couture' Eyeshadow Palette - $62.00

Pure luxury here from Dior. Five stand out colours that all contain a slight metallic shimmer to enhance the natural colour in hazel eyes.

From: shop.nordstrom.com


Charcoal grays and shimmering metallic pewters can really bring gray eyes out. Also try cool violet shades to make gray eyes pop with colour.

MAC ‘Veluxe Pearlfusion’ Shadow Palette – $32.00

MAC 'Veluxe Pearlfusion' Shadow Palette - $32.00

Gorgeous shimmering powder/liquid combination that glides on effortlessly. Has a new magnifying glass effect, which amplifies the colour pigments once it has been applied.

From: shop.nordstrom.com

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad – $82.00

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad - $82.00

Four complimentary shades in four different finishes, from sheer sparkle to a satin to a shimmer to a matte.

From: shop.nordstrom.com

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