Choose the Ideal Clothes and Accessories for Your Body Shape

Very few of us are lucky enough to have perfect bodies just like the ones of those beautiful fashion models we see on TV; however, we can always look our best if we choose the a style that emphasizes our body type. After all, who said that one has to be tall and skinny to be beautiful?

Just think of Marylyn Monroe: did you know that her measurements were 35-22-35 inches? The secret to a sophisticated vibe is to complement our body with outfits and accessories that suit us best. Learn more about the different body shapes and the ideal style for each.

Long torso and short legs

You belong to this category if your waist is lower than your bent elbows. Hence, the height of your hip-line is less than half of your total height. Most people with this body shape have a complex about the inferior part of their body, which looks heavy and a bit low and their height, as they are usually short (tall people can fall into this category too, though).

If you have a longer body and shorter legs, you should opt for light-colored layered tops, dark skirts or pants and wide or medium belts. Straight or A-line skirts and boot leg jeans would also look flatter your figure. As for the shoes, choose stilettos with high heels whose colour matches that of your trousers or socks. Emphasize your shoulders and face by wearing jewellery and scarves that complement the outfit.

Short torso and long legs

This is the opposite of the previously stated body shape. Therefore, if you want to balance the image of your body, you should opt for light colored skirts or pants with long tops. Straight, flared, low rise or hipster jeans or pants would also look flattering on you. Choose pants or skirts with no waistband or narrow waistbands. The dresses or the tops should also flow through your waist area. You can also elongate the image of your torso by wearing long accessories (scarves or necklaces); however, this style applies if you are not short. As you can see, everyone can look effortlessly fashionable by simple wearing the right clothes and accessories that match their body shape.

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