Choose the Best Barbecue for Your Personality!

If I told you that I could predict which barbecue a person would choose, according to their age, lifestyle and personal preference, but with nothing to do with how much money they have to spend, would you think this was an unreasonable statement to make? Well, prepare to be amazed then as I show you an array of barbecues and the kind of personalities that I think would buy them, and if you disagree, leave us a comment in the box below!

Disposable Barbecues

Disposable barbecues such as this Disposable Picnic one by Big K, are typically purchased by fun-loving, young, adventurous people in their late teens or early twenties. Bought to be taken away with them on their travels, they are used more as an after thought, than a planned event, and would not be purchased as part of an organised party, but as an idea that came out of the blue. You can take this Big K disposable barbeque anywhere and enjoy eating outdoors. Easy and ready to use FSC. The wood in this product comes from well-managed forests. Independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Pedestal Barbecues


These rather arty style barbecues are ideal for people who love to make a fuss of the appearance of their food, and think that what food looks like on the plate is as important as what it tastes like. Creative, foodie types over thirty will go for barbecues like this Pedestal Charcoal BBQ from Argos which is ideal for the smaller patio and constructed from steel. Featuring a chrome plated cooking grill, it is frost resistant and suitable for 3 to 5 people.

Kettle Barbecues

Easy come easy go types will have a kettle barbecue somewhere in their garden and whenever the weather warms up, it will be a great escuse to call up friends for an informal get together. Most of us will have one of these and will cook anything from sausages to ‘fancy’ home made kebabs on them, so long as our mates are with us to enjoy them, food it not the most important thing, the company is. This kettle barbecue with wire shelf for storage and stability, drip tray, lid and wheels for ease of movement is great value. The body is made from porcelain enamel with a chrome plated cooking grill – with a generous 44cm cooking area – bakelite handles and powder coated steel legs.

Gas Barbecues

Perfect for the control freak amongst us, gas barbecues are ideal for someone who hates to leave things to chance, and that includes something as fickle as heating up some coals outside! Bought mainly by middle aged upper class white gentlemen, gas barbecues are usually seen in the domain of the leafy suburbs where you’ll never spot a burger or cheap sausage. A fine example is the Blue Ember BBQ which features a warming rack, folding shelves, rotisserie, bottle opener and ice bucket with 3 burners.

Build Your own Barbecue

Calling all Neanderthal men! Not only does the man with this type of barbecue want to build it himself, he’ll probably want to go out and hunt down the meat for it as well! And as for salad and bread? Don’t make me laugh! It’s all about the steaks and ribs for this guy, and we are talking men I’m afraid. If your butch guy wants to build his own permanent barbeque he can, thanks to this self-build DIY BBQ kit. The ideal addition to your patio area, you can enjoy cooking in the great outdoors with family and friends again and again.

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