How to Choose a Tent for Festivals

Choose a Tent for Festivals

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We have a dedicated bunch of festival-goers in the Shoppersbase office, and one thing they know all about is staying under canvas. If you are heading off to a festival and are buying a tent for the first time, you could be wondering what kind and make you should go for. Do you buy a cheap and cheerful one and not worry if it gets trashed or spend a few pounds and hope to look after it?

Luckily our experts are on hand to give you their experience. Here’s all you need to know and suggestions of what tents to buy:


Depending on how many there are in your group, it is always better to under-estimate howmany people the manufacturers tell you the tent will hold. And don’t forget, you will have all your baggage and gear with you and that takes up space, especially if you are not travelling in a car.

If you can, try getting in the tent first and then imagine how much time you will be actually spending in there. If your group are only going to sleep in the tent and spend all of their time watching bands then a two-man for two people is probably ok. If you have a lot of gear however, we would pick a three-person for two people.

Mini Break 4 Person Tent - £79.99

We recommend this 4 person tent for two people as you get bags of extra storage space for your gear. The tent is a basic quality which means you could use it several times after the festival season is over.

From: mountainwarehouse.com

Hi Gear Venture 3 DLX Tent - £59.99

This is a great tent for size as it has a spacious front porch area where you can stash your gear. There are doors at the side and the front which offers a degree of privacy if you are sharing. Designed for three people but we suggest two for more room.

From: gooutdoors.co.uk


If you are planning to visit several festivals and then go camping you should be looking at purchasing a good quality tent that will stand up to the weather and repeated use. If however, you are only going to one festival and cannot borrow a tent, then quality is not really a consideration.

You should however, find out where you are going to be pitching your tent in the festival’s camping ground. Are you going to be in a family section or near the stage where the loudest and rowdiest campers will be?

We like this Quechua tent as it is very sturdy and secure once it is up.

Quechua 2 seconds easy III - £54.99

This tent is fast becoming a favourite at festivals for its sheer convenience and durability. Has a ground sheet and an inner mesh lining and takes just 2 seconds to pitch, just what you want if the weather is bad. Comes in three colours, green, blue or red and sleeps three but we would fit two and have space for gear.

Quechua 2 seconds easy III - £54.99

A tent that sleeps six comfortably and is high enough for you to stand up in is a bonus when you are camping. There’s a wet weather porch to keep out the elements and it is made from breathable, waterproof polyester. It does take 25 minutes to assemble.

From: gooutdoors.co.uk


There’s nothing worse than coming back from the stage after a great night to find that your tent has disappeared. Not literally of course, you just can’t find it amongst the sea of other bland tents.

Choosing an eye-catching tent is one way of making sure you find your way back through the darkness and the crowds. So look for a design that sticks out, or one with luminous guy ropes.

Bang Bang Solar Powered Butterfly Collector Tent - £195

This tent is not only eye-catching but comes with an array of cool extras. It has inbuilt 5W solar panels complete with lithium storage banks and features mobile and USB charging adaptors, so you’ll always be connected no matter which field you end up in. Sleeps four and is made from 5,000mm-grade waterproof polyester.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

'Picnic Perfect' 2-Person Sandwich Camping Tent - £199

This sandwich tent is certainly eye-catching but it is not just a pretty picture. Made to withstand the grottiest weather condition, the tent is 100% waterproof and sleeps two comfortably. It is lightweight so ideal for backpackers and has a two-year guarantee. There are loads of other designs, including a pub, a block of cheese and a melon slice.

From:  fieldcandy.com

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