Choose Role Playing Toys for Children this Christmas

When it is time to pick a present for your children, there are so many on offer it can become difficult to choose one. Do you go for a traditional book or a cuddly toy? Or perhaps clothes even? Even as a god parent or a family friend, the choice is endless and I know that in my role as God Mom I have struggled in the past to find a suitable gift for my four god children. So where do you start? Well, there a loads of role-playing toys out on the market, but what exactly do I mean by that? A role-playing toy is one that gets your child to assume the role of say – a shop keeper or a doctor or mechanic. The toy will have such items as a cash register or a mechanic bench so that your child can get into playing that specific role. We have sourced the internet for you and here are our favorites:

Dr. Doctor Medical Kit – $22.79

This is a great doctor kit in which your child will have hours of fun testing your heart beat and taking your blood pressure before rushing you off in an ambulance! The kit includes: 9 doctor tools that fit right inside the carrying case. The tools are a stethoscope with heartbeat sound, a beeper, a otoscope, a blood pressure cuff and ‘ouchless’ tweezers. Also includes a “say ah!” mirror, a safe syringe, safe scissors and a thermometer. Suggested ages between 18-24 Months. Buy from www.target.com

Play Vet Set – $49.99

If your child has aspirations to become a vet then this is the toy for you and you’ll save your dog and cats some serious ear ache with this imaginary vet kit, they will thank you for it! This play vet set is just what the “practicing” vet needs: 26 essential items like a stethoscope, electronic beeper, reflex hammer, ear scope, and more. There’s a working 10″ H. Pet Scale and their first 2 patients (an 8″ plush dog and plush cat). 30 pc. set. Suggested Ages 3 years +. Buy fromwww.cptoy.com

Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen – $68.22

Now although there is a girl pictured we do not want to appear sexist so this kitchen is for boys too! This fun sized kitchen has a window for loads of imaginative play. It includes all the essentials for “cooking” in the kitchen. It includes: special frying pan and boiling pot with lid activate electronic frying and boiling water sounds in stove’s front burner, coffee pot with molded in coffee maker, a “stainless-steel” microwave, refrigerator, and oven. Heat up the fun with the microwave’s electronic key pad. Requires 4 “AA” and 2 “AAA” batteries (not included). Suitable for Ages 2+ years. Buy from www.samsclub.com

Tool-Tech Workbench – $74.99

If your dad is a mechanic can you imagine how much your child will love messing about on this work bench? This pretend workbench is loaded with all the needed tools for make-believe home improvements. The impressive 22″ W. x 15″ D. x 37 ½” H. sturdy plastic workbench, with pegboard back, houses up to 80 tools and accessories including: nuts and bolts, hacksaw, screwdriver, hammer, toy power drill that uses one “C” battery (not incl.) and much more. Easy assembly. Suggested Ages 3 years +. Buy from www.cptoy.com

Spy Gear – Evidence Kit – $22.99

Now don’t be surprised if your child starts spending a lot of time in their room and acting all secretively, its nothing to be worried about, they are just playing this new Spy Gear Game! Guaranteed to keep them out of mischief for days! Here they will uncover top-secret evidence! This all-in-one inspection set is packed with over 12 tools that reveal invisible fingerprints and magnify even the smallest pieces of evidence. Pack it all in the mobile carrying case so you can analyze clues on the go! Suitable for Ages 6+ years. Buy from www.fatbraintoys.com

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