How to Choose the Best Grass Strimmer for your Garden

How to Choose the Best Grass Strimmer for your Garden

Grass strimmers are used to keep edges neat and tidy and to get to grass that a lawnmower cannot reach, such as near tree trunks, fence posts etc.

They come in different varieties, from electric, cordless to petrol. There’s also a new type, a hybrid, which can be electric and uses a battery.

There are pros and cons with all types.

  • Cordless ones are a godsend for getting into the furthest corners of the garden, but the battery life tends not to be long.
  • Electric ones last as long as they are plugged in but then you are tethered to the plug.
  • Petrol strimmers can be cumbersome to handle but they are the most powerful, so are great for really tough weeds.

Choosing a grass strimmer all depends on what kind of garden you have and what you need the strimmer to do.

Small gardens with lots of paths probably just need a lightweight machine with a short shaft and rotating head. It won’t need too much power, unlike a larger garden with tons of strong weeds. This strimmer should be longer in the body and have a powerful engine, and you should also consider a cordless.

Here are some of the best:


Qualcast Cordless Grass Trimmer 36V – £89.99

Qualcast Cordless Grass Trimmer 36V - £89.99

Good long battery life on this cordless strimmer which lasts 40 minutes with around 4 hours to recharge. Cuts through long grass and weeds efficiently and trims paths really well. Good value for money. Comes with a free 2-year guarantee.

From: argos.co.uk


Flymo 500E – £52.99

Flymo 500E - £52.99

Never used a grass strimmer before? Bit worried at how they work? This should be your first machine then, it is a cinch to use, just plug it in and use the guide wheel to help you with the edging. The head rotates easily so it cuts through medium tough weeds ok, not great for really tough grass.  Don’t expect a neat finish either, it does what it says on the can.

From: amazon.co.uk


Stihl Compact Cordless Strimmer FSA56 – £199

Stihl Compact Cordless Strimmer FSA56 - £199

This is a lightweight cordless strimmer which works really well in small gardens. The shaft is adjustable and it is ergonomically designed for easy handling. Suitable, we would say, for our older readers. Battery life is short (2 hours) but only takes just over two hours to charge up.

From: stihl.co.uk


Bosch Art 35 – £89.99

Bosch Art 35 - £89.99

Really strong and powerful machine here that is great for large gardens. Sturdy strimmers that makes light work of tough weeds and long, hard grass. If you have an absolute shocker of a garden that requires brute force, this is the beast that will tame it. Not great on delicate edging as you cannot adjust the head.

From: amazon.co.uk


Black & Decker GL7033 – £64.99

Black & Decker GL7033 - £64.99

If safety is your prime objective, this one should suit you. The head, where most of the accidents occur, let’s be honest, has been designed to be safer. The shaft has been specifically shaped in a curve so that it is angled away from the body and your feet. It’s good at general cutting but hard to use on edging as the angle stops you seeing where the edges are.

From: amazon.co.uk


Ryobi ONE+ Hybrid Grass Trimmer – £149.99

Ryobi ONE+ Hybrid Grass Trimmer - £149.99

This is the only hybrid grass trimmer at present, which means it works as a corded and cordless machine. The cordless uses an 18V battery which is supplied, when that runs out you can plug it back in. A good all-rounder actually, powers through long grass and great at edging. Good if you like new technology.

From: amazon.co.uk

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