Chisel & Mouse can make a house…

Chisel & Mouse can make a house...

There are many iconic buildings in London; from Regency townhouses to Georgian houses, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a miniature but modern version of these buildings, you might be interested to learn that a team of brothers – Robert and Gavin Paisley, have launched a company called Chisel & Mouse, that uses CAD drawing and traditional sculpture to create some of London’s most iconic architecture.

Both brothers are enthusiasts, who love architecture and technology and decided to combine these loves into making architectural models of beautiful buildings. They pride themselves on being able to reproduce the architect’s original design in stunning model form. Their models are handmade with each one being individually crafted by a small team of skilled model makers in their Sussex studio.

Chisel & Mouse

The pair of brothers owned a software company before finally branching out into becoming professional model makers. Their focus is on making high quality, handmade models using local and UK resources and on providing excellent customer service.

As technology has always played a large part in their lives, they use 3D printing for rapid prototyping of their models before returning to traditional techniques of sculpting, mould making and plaster casting to build the finished models. By blending state-of-the-art techniques with traditional model making skills they are creating an inspired collection of high-quality models which are beautiful to the eye and touch.

Chisel & Mouse

If you love modern models that are both stylish art pieces and architecturally correct, then these are ideal and would grace any bookshelf, desk or mantlepiece. The restrained use of colour allows a focus on form and detail. The plaster is hard wearing with a reassuring weight and smooth, cool feel. Some models also have fine details, such as window frames, etched in metal.

Here are some of Chisel & Mouse’ iconic models:

Arsenal Stadium – £99

The art deco facade of Arsenal Stadium, or “Highbury” as it is commonly known, is unique amongst football stadiums and is unmistakably Arsenal. To capture this classic design, Chisel & Mouse have created an architectural model of the amazing “East Stand”. Arsenal Stadium was built in 1913. In the 1930’s the site was redeveloped and the outstanding Art Deco East and West stands produced. Architects Claude Waterlow Ferrier and William Binnie were responsible for these splendid designs.

Arsenal Stadium - £99

Battersea Power Station – £99

Battersea Power Station, built in 1933, has been crumbling away since shutting down over 20 years ago. Despite its dilapidation the building remains an iconic landmark with its instantly recognisable chimneys. This building is a true London landmark and worthy of the term ‘iconic’. Our architectural model of Battersea Power Station’s Northern Chimneys is striking. It displays the beauty and function that Sir Giles Gilbert Scott was so famous for and is the perfect example of mantelpiece art.

Battersea Power Station - £99

Buckinham Palace – £99

Buckingham Palace, in London, is the official residence of the British monarch. On many occasions it has been a focal point for the British people at times of national rejoicing and crisis. The original Buckingham House forms the core of today’s palace and was built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705.

It passed into Royal ownership in the 18th century and became the official residence of the British monarch in 1837. Buckingham Palace has undergone major structural changes with the East Front being added in the early 19th century. Our architectural model is of the central portion of the East Front and contains the balcony from which the Royal Family acknowledges the crowds on momentous occasions and annually after Trooping the Colour.

Buckinham Palace - £99

For more information on Chisel & Mouse you can contact them the various ways:

Chisel & Mouse, Victoria Cottage, Dodds Bank, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3LR, United Kingdom | +44(0)1273 251335 | store@chiselandmouse.com

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