Children’s Wardrobe Solutions

A big downside to children’s wardrobe solutions is the fact that they inevitably end up covered in a pile of thrown-around clothes. If you want a children’s wardrobe solution that works a bit better, thinking around corners is a good idea. Try these ideas and you may find that your child’s wardrobe works better.

First of all, of course, you want to ensure that your child has some responsibility over their own room and wardrobe, and as they get older they will be able to take more and more of this authority over their own space. However, periodic checks are a good plan. Make sure your child knows you’ll be checking on a weekly or monthly basis and this can work as an incentive for them to keep it up properly.

Hanging clothes is a great way to keep them tidy. But often, kids stop taking the time to hang their clothes on the hangers, and then you end up with a backlog and a pile of crumpled shirts and trousers. Conversely, a chest of drawers often ends up over-stuffed which can break the drawer bottoms or crinkle clothing more than any amount of lying in a pile could do. The best way to work this dichotomy is by having drawers as well as a hanging wardrobe. This makes it easy enough to pop underclothes and socks in a drawer and minimises the difficulty of hanging each item up. You can also easily keep shorts and some casual t-shirts in the drawers, but by carefully delineating which clothes go where you make it much easier for your child to keep things neat and tidy.

Ironing clothing before your child wears it can be a good solution, too. It can be tempting to iron all the clothes before putting them away, but even if you end up storing all of them tidily by hand, your child is likely to knock over stacks and crumple fabric whilst rooting around in a drawer or grabbing the very bottom item from a pile. Ironing, for example, a uniform set every morning as your child eats breakfast can make it a lot easier to keep on top of things and ensure the clothes will still be tidy when worn. It can cut a lot of time off your laundry routine whilst requiring only a little extra time in the morning, and in the end you can choose to iron them before you go to bed, instead.

Buy a few storage boxes for clothes you’ve purchased ahead of time. We’re all tempted to buy clothing to grow into at times, but by storing them away from the clothes worn daily you can protect them from preliminary wear and tear. After all, there is nothing worse than getting out a set of clothes you’d set aside for later use, only to find they’re already looking tatty! By the same token, don’t leave outgrown clothes lying around; by clearing them out you’ll make more space which allows your child to keep the space tidy.

A few quick changes allow you to make it easier for your child to keep his or her clothes tidied away, and to look clean, tidy and crease-free every day. Enjoy!

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