These 10 Children’s Novelty Lamps will encourage your kids to go to sleep

Bedtime can be a frustrating time for parents who have children that don’t want to go to sleep. But add a novelty lamp to the mix and it might just help things along. Children’s novelty lamps serve two purposes; they provide light and interest to a child’s bedroom. And if you are struggling to get your kid to sleep you’ll need all the help you can get. Here is what we found:

Rose in April Joseph Bunny Light: £79.95

Children’s Novelty Lamps

Use the legs of this gorgeous bunny to position him anywhere in a child’s bedroom. But we are betting they will want him close as he has such a friendly face.

Cactus Table Lamp, Peppermint – Large: £28.95

Children’s Novelty Lamps

There are two sizes available in this design but we love the large size as it gives off more of the softer light. It uses an internal LED light that plugs into the mains.

Ultra Magic Garden Mushroom Lamp: £13.99

Children’s Novelty Lamps

Magical and hypnotic, everything you want to entrance your child and make them drowsy just before bedtime. This novelty lamp is battery-powered but you can recharge them via a USB cable. The lamp changes colour as well.

little home at John Lewis Animal Fun Owl Children’s Table Lamp: £40.00

Children’s Novelty Lamps

Go to sleep next to this happy owl created by the team at John Lewis. Made from sculpted polypropylene, it gives off a soft glow in the night and is perfect for kids who don’t like the dark and just need a little light to settle them.

House of Disaster Bear Lamp: £30

Children’s Novelty Lamps

Not so much of a disaster as a major success, we’d say! This bear lamp is ideal for bedrooms with an animal theme. It is inspired by origami shapes and gives off a lovely orangey glow thanks to the LED light inside.

Cat Table Lamp: £28.95

Children’s Novelty Lamps

Who doesn’t love cats? That’s what makes this novelty children’s lamp perfect as it can go in any kid’s room, so it’s ideal for a gift. Designed in a cartoon-style, it works via an LED powered by the mains.

Mr Maria Anana Elephant Lamp: £130.00

Children’s Novelty Lamps

This is expensive but look at the size of it! It is enormous and we are sure your kids will keep it from early toddler age right through to teenagers. It gives off a soft glow from the internal LED and comes with remote control and USB connector. Lots of different functions too including dimmer switches, wake-up and sleep timers.

Cloud B Charley the Chameleon: £39.95

Children’s Novelty Lamps

This lamp serves as a cuddly toy and a light source. It changes colour and plays two different sounds; rainforests or tropical tunes. You can set the colours to turn off after 45 minutes and kids will love cuddling up to the soft body.

LED Silver Cloud Light-Up Accessory Celeste: £7.00

Children’s Novelty LampsAn affordable way to brighten up a child’s bedroom – this lamp is battery-powered so you can move it to wherever you need a little light.


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