Organising Children’s Birthday Bashes at low cost for maximum fun

Every year is the same. You have to figure out what your child and his or her friends can do all day to celebrate a birthday. It has to be cool, it has to be special, and above all it has to be fun… But you don’t want to take out another mortgage on your house to pay for it, either.

The conventional birthday bash often takes place in a ballpit park or similar. They are reasonably priced, sometimes costing as little as six pounds per child, and will usually provide food, cake, and maybe even party favours. Ballpit parks are a great activity for kids of many ages, and if you feel your child would enjoy an afternoon of play in your local ballpit park, then don’t hesitate to book this option. It is a bit overdone, but there is never anything wrong with choosing an option you know will work for you and your child.

Another choice you could consider is a trip out. Inviting some friends along to go to the park and take a pitstop at a local fast food restaurant may seem a bit plain, but again it’s all about what your child and his or her friends will enjoy most. Another, similar option is to invite your child’s friends along to your home for a birthday tea, with cake, sweets and games in the comfort of your own home. This is a charming way to celebrate a birthday in a low-key way.

Children’s chocolate parties are a rising trend, and while they cost a little bit more they are worth the price in terms of enjoyment. If you want to do something that is more “out there” and yet stylish, you can be sure of success. The children will be shown how to make their own chocolates, and most organisers of children’s chocolate parties ensure the children get to take some of their creations home at the end of the day.

Finally, if your funds are unlimited or you’ve chosen to spend more money per child on a smaller number of children, consider booking a Build-A-Bear party at your local Build-A-Bear outlet. The children will spend their time making their own cuddly party favour, creating memories that will last for years. It can be a bit steep, but if you can afford it or plan on having a small party it can be the ideal solution indeed.

The choices for children’s birthday parties are as varied as children themselves. Taking a little bit of time to find the ideal birthday party idea can make the difference between a lukewarm hip hip, and a warm hooray.

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