Cheryl’s back – to star in a Hollywood movie with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

When Cheryl was booted off of the American X Factor judging panel, many Brits couldn’t help but feel upset for her. With the



Americans supposedly not taking to her, whilst also rumoured to not be able to understand her accent, our hearts went out to her when she returned home to the UK, just four days after starting the filming for the show.

However, news is suggesting that she’s now set to make her mark in America with a massive bang, as she’s going to star in a Hollywood movie beside the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.

The film, titled ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ is a big-budget film, with Cheryl rumoured to have jumped at the chance of showing Simon she can be successful without his help. Additionally, her role in the film will see her play a television talent show judge, with the show a similar format to X Factor.

Due for release next May, shooting for the film is expected to start next month, so it doesn’t look like we’ll see much of Cheryl in the UK for a while. Hopefully this film role will help her launch a career for herself in America.

Cheryl’s also been in the news recently as a result of getting back with ex-boyfriend footballer, Ashley Cole. They split after her cheated on her, but after a period of time apart they got back together. However, this is definitely a relationship that’s on and off, so who knows what’s going to happen next. She’s supposedly moving back in with him this week, in their marital home, and has put their wedding vows up on the wall, to remind themselves of their promises to each other from 2006.

It seems that Ashley knows exactly how to win over Cheryl, but let’s see if he can actually hold onto her this time. After divorcing in 2010, after four years of marriage, we’ll wait and see whether they re-marry. They’ve stepped up privacy around their home, and want no interference from the press or members of the public, so maybe this will help them to make things work.

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