Cheryl Cole to return as Fifth Judge on X Factor?

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The rumour mills are in overdrive about Cheryl Cole’s possible return to the UK’s X Factor. Apparently, the live shows require a fifth judge and Simon Cowell would be ‘delighted’ if Cheryl would fulfil this role. It would also end the feud that started when Cheryl was axed from The X Factor USA last month. The four current members of the X Factor panel, Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh have supposedly been in talks with Cheryl about a possible return to the show. And one of the youngest judges, Tulisa, is having a birthday party at London’s Merah club on July 16 for her up and coming 23rd, and all the X Factor judges, including Cheryl are invited.

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An insider for the show revealed there was always a “long-standing plan” for Cheryl to return to the X Factor after she decided not to return to her American judging role last month. US audiences, who had no idea who Cheryl was, were apparently not taken with her and she herself was uncharacteristically quiet and uncomfortable on the show. It is thought that US bosses gave Cheryl an ‘out’ to save her embarrassment and allow her to respectfully return to the UK version, but she had in place a new management team who asked for way more money than ITV were prepared to pay. The result of which lead to the hiring of new judge Tulisa Contostavlos.

When Cheryl realised her UK X Factor deal had collapsed, she made a last ditch attempt to get her US job back but FOX bosses had seen enough and decided to finish her contract leaving her with a handsome £1.5 million payout. Although in the ensuing weeks Cheryl did not speak out and was left with no job, her anger with Simon Cowell was palpable and many of her friends thought it was one feud that could not be healed. However, since she has supposedly got back together with her ex husband Ashley, we can never say never and sources have seen her spending time with the new judges on the UK X Factor. It begs the question that if she was truly miffed she would not want to be anywhere near them. But Tulisa, despite being booed at auditions recently with the crowds shouting for Cheryl’s return, remains a huge fan saying, “She told me that if I ever do need advice, let her know and she’s here for me so that was really nice of her. She’s been lovely. She’s always been someone I’ve admired because she came from the same background and, regardless of it being Newcastle, we’re two people who have come from nothing.” Watch this space!

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