Cheryl and Ashley Cole Split for Good

Following revelations that Ashley Cole had a relationship with Virgin Atlantic crew member Kerry Meades, Cheryl has finally called off their relationship for good with a message saying ‘I’m done – delete my number.’ As the nation breathes a sigh of relief for their favourite Girls Aloud singer, she has gone and drowned her sorrows by splashing out on a new Hollywood pad, overlooking the infamous Avenue of the Stars. Despite warning from close friends and family, Cheryl had been attempting to get back together with her ex-husband and there was even talk of a re marriage. However, it was revealed last week that during his effects to woe her back, he had been secretly having another fling with an air hostess and now Cheryl has decided enough is enough.

The air-hostess, Meades, 29, had already had an affair with the footballer back in 2004, but was reunited with him on a holiday in Los Angeles. It is thought they met again at a trendy supperclub on June 14th. Evidently Ashley slept with the air-hostess again on June 20, days before Cheryl’s 28th birthday party in London, when they were supposedly back together. Meades has publicly spoken about a gift bag of Hustler lingerie, which Ashley obviously did not give to her. It is thought that the gift of lingerie was originally destined for Cheryl.

Meades says “He betrayed us both. It’s obvious the lingerie was for Cheryl’s birthday. He obviously wanted to hide it. She should tread carefully. The whole time I was with him he acted like a single man. I don’t think Ashley has any idea how to be faithful to a woman. I’m certain he will never change. I thought he was serious about me and I definitely have feelings for him. Now I see he was getting back with Cheryl the whole time we were together. I feel sorry for Cheryl.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl’s new palatial two-bedroom pad includes three luxury bathrooms, a home cinema and an outdoor swimming pool, and costs in the region of $5,050,000 (£3million). A local estate agent has commented, “Cheryl has great taste. She is moving into the most prestigious address in the whole of LA.” Let’s hope this can be a new chapter in the life of Cheryl and she ditches this loser for good!

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