Cheap Car Insurance Tips for Younger Drivers

If you look at the statistics, it’s no wonder that younger, newly qualified drivers are hit harder on the insurance front. Evidently, newly qualified drivers in the UK are more likely to have an accident during their first year of driving than at any other time. New drivers make up only 10% of the driving population but are involved in 29% of all accidents. Drivers under the age of 21 are involved in all car accidents that result in death, and if you take each mile of driving, per mile the chance of an accident which involves injury or death is 7 times greater with drivers aged between 17 to 20, than for those over 40. These are the reasons car insurance for younger drivers is so expensive, simply because they pose a greater risk on the road and the chances are that they willl have to make a claim on their insurance is much greater.

Despite the facts, there are ways of reducing your premiums but you really have to accept from the start that cheap car insurance for younger drivers is practically impossible. If you follow our tips however, you may be able to keep the costs of insuring your car as low as you possibly can.

Take Extra Driving Exams & Courses

There is an extensive training course for drivers that have just passed their driving test. It is called the Pass Plus Course, there is n o actual examination but you get a certificate which you can use to help get insurance costs down by 35%. This intensive training course helps newly qualified drivers become better drivers on the road. It costs around £150 depending on whereabouts you live, the driving instructor that you use and the length of time the course lasts, typically around 6 hours. You may be entitled to course fee assistance from your local council. See details at the end of this article. You should also consider taking an advanced driving test. Many organisations offer these types of tests.

Fit A Driving Tracking Device

Fitting a ‘spy-in-the-car’ box works to get your insurance premiums down by monitoring your driving habits. The tracking device is fitted in the interior of the car, and it uses GPS tracking to help in monitoring the good (or bad) driving habits of the car owner. Typically drivers can save upto 15 to 17% on their car insurance premiums if their driving habits are good and they keep to within a pre-specified amount of mileage.  The data collected by the device includes the distance covered by the driver, speed, driving quality, braking and cornering ability.

Watch What Type of Car You Buy

If you buy the latest souped up sporty vehicle with every modification going on it, don’t be surprised if your premiums reflect the fact you’ve bought a racing car! Buy a sensible car to start you off; pick a small engine (which will also save you money on road tax) and drive this for a year to build up your reputation as a safe driver.

Pay A Higher Excess

If you pay a higher excess you are in effect telling the insurance company to have confidence in your driving, as you are staking your own money on the insurance by taking out a higher amount. The trick with excess amounts is to think, how much would you pay to fix your car without using your insurance. If this amount is about £500 then set your excess for that. Remember, many accidents are just ‘dings’ that do not warrant an insurance claim.

Car Security & Parking

Make sure your car is fitted with the latest security devices; insurance companies acknowledge Thatcham security models so it is a good idea to stick to those. Try and park your car in a locked garage overnight, this is the best place according to insurance experts so if you are still living at home, ask your parents if you are the one that can use the garage to save your premiums.

Opt to Pay Your Car Insurance Premium in a Lump Sum

It is around 15% cheaper if you pay your car insurance in one go rather than in monthly installments. Typically car insurance companies will charge interest of around 15 – 30% APR if you want to pay monthly, so ask around if someone in the family can loan you the full amount and you pay them in monthly installments instead. That’s what families are for after all!

Buy Your Car Insurance Policy Online

If you buy online you can typically get around a 10% discount simply or doing it this way. It also gives you the chance to shop around and go to comparision websites where the difference between quotes can be any between around 35% so get as many insurance quotes, online or otherwise, as you can. It will save you money.

And remember, driving safely, sticking to the speed limits, using your commonsense will also come in handy to build up your reputation as a good driver.

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