Cheap and Original Decorations for Children’s Rooms

Children’s decorative demands are very different from ours. Rather than tasteful, well-balanced rooms they want bright colours of no particular relation to each other and bold designs that may make any parent grit his or her teeth. But these simple tastes can work in your favour when decorating Junior’s room and making sure they have the space they hope for.

Wall stickers are a good way to help enhance the feel of a room. They come in many different colours and designs from Space Invaders to more contemporary items, and can be peeled harmlessly away from the wall when it comes time to sell up or reclaim your damage deposit. You can find wall stickers in almost literally any theme from Thomas the Tank to Peppa Pig, and what’s more, your child can put them up him- or herself to ensure they are in precisely the right place. The downside of wall stickers is precisely in the ease of use; your child can easily peel them back off and tear or cut them into pieces so that you cannot reuse them anymore.

Another thing to consider when decorating a child’s room is storage space; there are clothes to consider as well as a wealth of toys. A good way to help your child move into a new, or updated room is by going through the toy stash and throwing out any broken toys. Toys that are in decent condition but no longer played with can be given to charity or sold on eBay. Good storage solutions are available from any decent furniture shop and can include under-bed drawers or mesh shelving hung from the ceiling beams.

A nice set of bedding, including fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase, can transform the look of a room from dull and dreary to child-friendly and exciting. Shops such as Asda sell inexpensive duvet sets for children in a variety of patterns as well as cartoon-themed and can help you transform your child’s bed in a flash. Alternatively, consider sewing or crocheting a homemade blanket to top off the look; this can become a blanket your child will treasure forever.

A sign on the door proclaiming the room to belong to your child can help a child feel at home and top off the look of the room overall. You can buy these signs online or at shops, or you can visit a craft store like Hobbycraft and purchase the supplies to help your child make their own.

If you put some thought into decorating your child’s room in a way that suits them, you can make it look a million dollars for only a few pounds! Good luck, enjoy the trip, and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of the end result for the family photo album.

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