Château D’Yquem: The world’s most expensive white wine

Photos of Christian posing with his £75, 000 Bottle

Photos of Christian posing with his £75, 000 Bottle

There are quite a few wonderful wines that tasters and collectors alike would love to experience or have in their possession. However, Chateau D’Yquem has clearly become one of the most sought-after wines! This bottle was sold for an amazing £75, 000, and quickly became the talk of the web. While some people believe that wine is just wine, there are literally thousands of people out there who take the hobby of wine tasting very seriously and would have loved to have added this White Wine to their collection.

Christian Vanneque , a former sommelier, was the lucky man to get his hands on this very fine bottle of wine, which he will soon be putting on display in Indonesia at his Sunset Grill, a wine bar which will probably become one of the most popular attractions in the entire country.

Photos of Christian posing with his £75, 000 Bottle have flooded the web and seem to have many people talking about the price tag! While some people feel that they would rather pay £ 4 to satisfy their taste, there are actually quite a few that feel this bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem is well worth the money!

The wine business has really taken off all across the world as more and more people enjoy the elegance and thrill of tasting and collecting wine from many different ages. Christian Vanneque is very lucky indeed to have acquired this bottle as it is very special and is going to put its owner in the history books.

What sets this particular bottle apart from other white wines is that of its ability to age, as most other white wines do not have the opportunity to do so.  Château D’Yquem is said to be one of the most sought-after wines in the world and Vanneque is proudly showing off the fact that he now has one.

As Vanneque himself said, inspections were done by the Chateau before the purchase and the wine was found to be in immaculate conditions, which is remarkable, seeing as it is 200 years old.

Critics are raving about this particular wine and numerous critics have rated it at 100 points! It is no wonder why this D’Yquem has hit the internet as hard as it has with ratings like that!

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