Chanel Lego bag a huge hit, cost £5,370 and made out of plastic!

Chanel have taken design to the very limits in recent years, I mean, who can forget the giant and mini versions of the hula hoop bag, beloved only by catwalk models, who were paid to carry it, and never seen on the arms of any self respecting fashionista since.

But we cannot say the same about their new offering, the neon bright Chanel Lego bag, which, at an eye watering £5,370 is out of reach of most of us ordinary folk, but fast becoming a favourite with Hollywood Alisters, and stars such as Rita Ora, and even the Kardashians.

A Green Chanel Lego Bag

A Green Chanel Lego Bag

It is all the fault of quirky and outspoken designer Karl Lagerfeld, the self proclaimed King of weird, but this time it appears that he has hit on a popular design, as at his spring/summer 13shows, the Chanel supremo showcased his love of the sublime and ridiculous with a new collection of neon bright plastic clutches that the celebrity jet set are falling over themselves to get hold of.

Apparently the Lego Chanel bags are made from a ‘high gloss hard vinyl’, or plexiglass, a fairly new material that brand lovers are using more and more frequently these days, but doesn’t nearly justify the hefty price tag. It features the iconic Chanel interlocking C logo which is visible as the letters are in raised plastic.

A Green Chanel Lego Bag - Side view

First to purchase one of the Lego bags was Kim Kardashian, who, let’s face it, has not been famed for her fashion sense, but since she has teamed up with Kanye West, has been given advice about what to wear and classic items to buy, so perhaps the Chanel Lego bag was one of his decisions? In fact, the rapper slated Kim’s clothes so much and called them ‘ghetto’, that she was forced to put a load of them up on ebay.

Kim Kardashian purchased her quirky clutch in lime green and as she likes to let all her fans know what she has bought, she posted up an Instagram picture of the bag for all her devoted followers on Twitter.

Rita Ora & Will Alexander

Rita Ora: ITP Lifestyle Publishing/Will Alexander/WENN

And Rita Ora has been spotted out clutching her version of the red Lego clutch on several occasions recently, and not surprisingly as she is a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs, having been seen out in head to toe outfits of Lagerfelds.

Rita wore her Lego bag twice last week, once for an exhibition showcasing the Chanel Little Black Jacket in Dubai and later on in the week for a casual night in with her friend Cara Delevingne.

A Chanel Lego bag in Yellow, green, pink and red

Chanel Lego

The Lego bags come in array of lurid neon bright colours, ranging from green, yellow, pink and blue, and can be worn as a clutch bag or they come with a gold chain strap, and can be worn as a small shoulder bag.

It remains to be seen whether the Lego bags will take off with the rest of the population, or stay as a plaything of the rich and famous.

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