Celebrity Big Brother- will you be gripped?

With Celebrity Big Brother launching tonight, and what seems to be a pretty decent line-up of ‘celebrities’,  it looks as though they might just about grip us enough to watch it.

With the likes of Amy Childs, from the television show ‘The only way is Essex’ going into the house,  it’s a wonder how she’s going to keep up her rigorous beauty regime of manicured nails, perfect hair, a golden tan and an on-trend style.

Coupled with XFactor twins Jedward, other ‘celebrities’ who are soon to become contestants, it’ll also be interesting to watch them do their hair each morning and see what crazy antics they get up to. After supposedly already saying they refuse to be separated in the house and that they must sleep in the only double bed available, it’ll be interesting to see what they do when their demands aren’t met.

Others who are said to be contestants on the new show are:

  • Charlie Sheen– An American film and television actor, who has been in the headlines a lot in his time, as a result of his drink and drug addictions, as well as a failed marriage.
  • Pamela Anderson– A Canadian-American model and actress who has also been an author in her time, too. Most well-known for her time in the television show ‘Baywatch’.
  • Tara Reid– Another American actress and model, recently in the news for her whirlwind marriage.
  • Bobby Brown– The ex-husband of music star Whitney Houston.
  • Sid Owen– Eastenders actor, who plays Bianca’s husband, Ricky.
  • Paddy Doherty– He became popular after appearing in the hit television show ‘My big fat gypsy wedding’.
  • Kerry Katona– Never out of the press for very long, Kerry Katona has had failed marriages, children by two different men, and problems with drink and drugs. I’m not sure how being cooped up in a house will help her?

Big Brother will be screened each night on Channel 5, with live footage from the house available for viewers to tune into as and when they like. With many people expressing the fact that Channel 5 made the wrong move in taking on something Channel 4 axed, let’s wait and see how entertaining the launch show is before we make a final decision. You never know…

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