Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Housemates Revealed?

Channel Five’s second outing of Celebrity Big Brother starts tomorrow (Thursday 5th) and here at Shoppersbase, we would like to let you know who the prospective housemates are. If the rumours, and the bookies are to be believed, the following will be entering the house tomorrow evening with differing salaries in their pockets. Mind you, perhaps you shouldn’t take what I say seriously, last time I put a tenner on Charlie Sheen to win :( Here are who we think will be entering the house:

Michael Masden

For once we have a true A List Hollywood star in the house. The 54 year old actor, who has starred in iconic films such as Reservoir Dogs and Splash, has an eye for the ladies apparently so watch out for some gentlemanly action.

Natasha Giggs

Not a Hollywood star, in fact, only known for her antics with her famous brother-in-law – Ryan Giggs but who is moaning? Some of the best tv moments come from the non celebs, remember Chantelle Houghton? She actually won it once!

Frankie Cocozza

The ex X Factor star is obviously trying for a different sort of fame as he was unceremiously dumped from the TV programme before Christmas. I bet he is hoping that there are some young starlets in the house with him that he can chat up and flirt with!

Ruby Wax

Has been off our screens of late, supposedly suffering from depression (poor Ruby) so I guess this is why she has been studying for her degree in psychotherapy. Will she put it to good use? I wonder if she will use it on her fellow housemates? Let’s hope so!

Shaun Williamson

Has been spotted recently starring in the adverts for Big Brother in a spoof of The Shawskank Redemption but he is more commonly known as Barry from Eastenders. Perhaps now we will be able to remember his real name, or not.


This is yet another failed X Factor reject from 2010 but we all still remember him, maybe more so from Harry Hill’s hilarious take offs of him than his actual singing talents. Here’s hoping he will give us a few renditions of what made him semi famous from the show.

Denise Welch

A true Loose Woman in all respects, Denise starred in Dancing On Ice last year and not to be left off our screens, this year she’s decided on the Big Brother house. She’s a bit of a straight talker so I hope the other housemates are ready for some home truths while she is in there.

Kirk Norcross

Never heard of him I hear you cry? Me neither so we obviously do not watch TOWIE. What’s TOWIE I hear you say? Oh for goodness sake! Even I know that! It’s The Only Way Is Essex. Can you tell I’m stretching it out because I know nothing about the bloke? Thanks.

Andrew Stone

Probably thought he would turn out to be the more famous one in Pineapple Dance Studios but Louie Spence beat him to it. Now is his chance to outdo him with a stint in the Big Brother house. I’m sure Louie would have done it except he is now starring as a judge on Dancing On Ice.

Natalie Cassidy

She played Sonia Jackson in Eastenders and is now more known for her constant weight battles going up one week and down the next, we can’t keep up! Maybe we will be able to now we can watch her for an hour a day.

Kristina and Karissa Shannon

These two gorgeous lovelies are the sexy Playboy models who just happen to be twins, so why have the two beautiful, big breasted, stunningly lovely models been invited into the Big brother house? I simply could not tell you! Must be a mistake on the producers part.

Nicola Mclean

Feisty ex model who has already declared war on Natasha Giggs saying “Natasha Giggs. I know we all have difficult lives, but I can’t work out how things went so wrong that she did what she did. If she goes on the show, she is just making money from ruining people’s lives.” Uh oh! There’ll be fisticuffs I’m telling you!

Celebrity Big Brother starts at 9pm on Thursday 5th January on Channel Five.

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