Celebrities and their Diet Secrets

All celebrities are on a diet at some point, it stands to reason. They cannot be that slim and eat normally surely? So what are they eating and if we eat the same food as they do, will we end up looking like them? Probably not but as we can now buy almost the same clothes as them, purchase the exact scents that they wear, and get the same make up and hair dos as them, why not eat the same food? I mean when Jennifer Aniston announced that she was only eating jars of baby food, guess what sales shot up in supermarkets? Yes you’ve guessed it! And again when Beyonce told reporters her svelte figure was down to the maple syrup diet, bottles of the stuff flew off UK and US shelves. So celebrities really do have selling power but which ones look great and eat sensibly as well? Which of our favourite celebrities diets would we follow if we could choose? Let’s have a beak at who is on what diet first!

Kirsten Dunst – Alkaline Diet

Kirsten Dunst is quite skinny so we could not quite believe that she needed to go on a diet but evidently she goes on an alkaline one when she wants to lose weight. This means that she avoids acidic foods such as processed food, red meat, chocolate and replaces them with alkaline foods like fruit, vegetables, green tea. Not only does this help to lose weight but it can also boost the skin’s radiance. This diet is not risky as it is all about cutting down the unhealthy parts of your diet, such as processed food etc.


Gisele Bundchen – Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

Apparently Gisele loves Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox. This diet promises a weight loss of 21 pounds in 21 days (around 10kg) but this is essentially because you are on a liquid detox diet of no food for 2 days. You literally drink vegetable stock, herbal teas and a few fruit juices for the two days that you are detoxing, but be careful as you really need to set aside the two days and rest throughout the diet, otherwise you will become too fatigued and suffer from side effects. Also limit the amount of liquid ingested to 2 litres max a day so you don’t put strain on your kidneys.


Rihanna – The Atkins Diet

Rihanna does not look like a typical skinny minny, in fact, she has a gorgeous womanly body with proper curves in the right places. She has told reporters that gym trips are her way of keeping off the pounds but she has also admitted to going on the Atkins Diet. This diet is where you cut out carbohydrates but there are no restrictions on fats. Basically, it is a diet that’s guaranteed to be very rich in cholesterol. And worst of all fruit is banned but fatty foods are allowed. The vitamin content is also very low on this diet so we would not recommend it.


Scarlett Johansson – Low-Calorie Diet

Now Scarlett Johansson is well known for her womanly curves but occasionally the star has to slim down for a special film role. Scarlett has admitted to going on a low-calorie diet which is based on white meat, vegetables and regular work outs, when she needs to lose a few pounds. This diet is much better than the Atkins Diet as you are not ruling out any food group, merely cutting down on calories and eating in a more healthy manner. The basis of a good diet is to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and starchy foods as these will help in losing weight without the risk of deficiencies.


Kate Hudson – High Protein Diet

Kate Hudson appeared after the birth of her son to have completely lost all the extra baby pounds she put on during her pregnancy. This maybe because she went on a high protein diet and took regular exercise. These diets can prove to be very effective as you can see the results within a matter of weeks and once you get positive results, it is easy to keep up with the diet. Therefore, it is a good diet to go on if you want fast results. It’s a good starting point, but take care throughout the stabilisation phase.


Madonna – Macrobiotic Diet

Trust Madonna to get it right! Although she works out famously in a gym for hours a day, she is also renowned for her eating habits and amongst those is her dedication to the macrobiotic diet. Predominantly a vegetarian diet, it is based on the principles of yin and yang so expect lots of whole grains with vegetables and legumes. It helps to keep weight consistent and is a very healthy diet, probably the best of all the ones we have featured today. This premise of a stabilising diet over the long term is very good and by cutting out meat and limiting the amount of fatty foods, this type of diet will inevitably have a slimming effect. There’s no secret, the winning trio is cereals, fruits and vegetables.

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