Celebrating Relationship Milestones on a Shoestring

No matter how tight your budget is, letting an anniversary pass without acknowledgement is not a fun idea. Not only do you want to celebrate the time you’ve been able to spend with your love so far, you certainly don’t want the fall-out involved in forgetting! But when the monetary situation doesn’t allow for grand gestures, what can you do?

There are plenty of cheap ways to show your appreciation for your partner. The majority of people don’t care about the amount of money spent; all they want is to see that you made an effort to demonstrate your gladness at all the years spent together and the fact that you met in the first place.

One inexpensive way to show your love is by making a grand gesture that costs very little. Cover your dining room in heart-shaped confetti, cook a homemade candlelit dinner, and finish off with a heart-shaped dessert, or something covered in heart-shaped edible decorations. The love and care that goes into making a meal from scratch is exponentially more touching than the quality of the food, so don’t worry too much if you can’t cook. A cheese toasty can be just as romantic if you’ve used heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut the accompanying salad, or if you’ve written your and your love’s initials on the outside in ketchup.

Big presents aren’t necessary at all. Bring some romance, and you’re good to go! If you’re normally reasonably flush with the cash but suffering some liquidity problems around your anniversary, some television providers allow you to purchase films which are then charged onto your account at the end of the month. For under a fiver you can pick from a wide selection of films, and usually you’ll be able to find something romantic or, at the very least, something you both want to see!

If you do want to buy something to gift-wrap romantically, consider something small that will show your partner you gave it some thought. A fancily-wrapped Yorkie bar can be absolutely charming, as can a small trinket or “Thinking of you” knick-knack.

Don’t worry about your finances when your anniversary is coming up. You don’t need money to impress your partner; just use some inventiveness and some care. Show them you’ve given it thought and tried to make them feel special, perhaps throw in a comforting massage and do the dishes at the end of the night, and you’ll let them know precisely how much they mean to you without overspending!

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