Celebrate the Jubilee in Style!

Whatever you are doing to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this coming weekend and next week, make sure you do it in style, by selecting the finest food, the highest quality decorations and the best company! If you are going to an organised street party, arranged by your local church or council, they may well have asked you to dress up or bring food yourself. Here in our small village, we have a Jubilee street party organised for us by our council and the theme is Kings and Queens, so you can expect lots of fancy dress in the style of royalty, with children dressing up as their favourite princesses and princes from Disney films. Elsewhere as you travel further into our town, there are larger events being held in the larger parks across the county. We have a big band event, where local bands are playing on this Sunday to mark the occasion, and on Bank Holiday Monday, a massive park party will take place in the central park in the town, where all are welcome to come along and celebrate the 60 year reign of her Majesty.

If you are planning your own party there are several things you might consider. Are you going to have a theme as we are with our village party? If so, it is nice to keep it in with tradition and make it something to do with royalty. You could have a similar theme to Kings and Queens, or make up your own; how about using the colours of the flag – red, white and blue? This means that everyone can join in with little extra expense. Or take the flag concept a bit further and have Union Jack face painting for the children to keep them amused. If you are planning on having food for the event, you’ll need to decide whether you want people to help and bring a donation with them, or if you are going to organise it yourself and ask for a financial donation, either from your local council, church or the ones attending. And then you’ll need to decide whether you want hot food cooked at the time, such as a barbecue or spit roast, or cold food such as a buffet.

If you are organising a street party you have to get permission to have the road closed for a certain amount of hours that day and notices have to be put up to warn residents and other traffic users that they will not be able to use the road for that particular day. And if it is a large event, involving your street, you should obviously leaflet the street to invite them along, otherwise you’ll have some long trestle tables lining the street and no one sitting at them! Music is a great way to create some atmosphere so decide what kind you want at your event, whether it will be in keeping with the times, for instance you could have a traditional big band playing, or try something modern like a disco. If you are simply having a few people round for a barbecue on one of the celebratory days, then how about compiling a playlist of upbeat tunes to play on a CD layer, during your celebration?

Whatever you have planned for your Jubilee celebrations, remember to be safe if you are having a barbecue, don’t go overboard with alcohol and above all, have a toast to her Majesty!

For more advice about running Jubilee celebration, visit these Government sites:

  • hse.gov.uk – Guidance on running events safely
  • communities.gov.uk – Communities and Local Government – Your guide to organising a street party or fete
  • local.direct.gov.uk – DirectGov – Find your local authority
  • streetparty.org.uk/ – The Street Party Site – Diamond Jubilee street parties

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