CDs vs mp3s

In this day and age, digital music is exceedingly popular. With iPods and other portable music systems all the rage, buying CDs has begun to seem outdated and strange, and a sizeable portion of the population has abandoned them entirely in favour of mp3s of their favourite songs and bands. Albums can, in their entirety, be downloaded from places such as iTunes and entities like Spotify, Last.fm and Pandora make it easy to listen to and discover music you like without even bothering with FM radio or watching music channels on the TV. But are CDs still relevant?

CDs come with bonus material that can be invaluable such as the booklets inserted into the CD case, and obviously there are limited edition CDs that may not be available for download at the same time as the ordinary version. Additionally, there is the fun of owning the music in a way that is more tangible than owning an mp3.

Obviously losing your computer needn’t mean you lose all your music when your music is on CD. Whether your computer is a stolen laptop or a desktop with a virus problem that has to be reset to default, for a long time losing your computer meant losing all of your mp3s. However, with the advent of iTunes, you would have a second copy of your music on your iPod and you will be able to recover your previously purchased mp3s using the iTunes service. And obviously, mp3 players offer portability that can’t be beaten; to carry along enough CDs to

replace the number of songs you can fit onto even a small mp3 player, you’d need a lot of room and quite a bit of muscle!

In other words, whether you choose mp3s or CDs is largely up to you, but in terms of portability and ease of use, mp3s have surpassed the CD by a truly huge distance. While the cost of mp3 players remains prohibitive to those on a very low budget, options such as Littlewoods allow them some attainability. Furthermore, if you can get a phone plan offering an iPhone you do, in effect, own an iPod that also functions as a smartphone and will be able to combine both functionalities in one.

So while it may seem like CDs are a thing of the past, you can continue to purchase them as collector’s items. But an mp3 player of some sort offers far better functionality and portability, and will allow you to enjoy your music in a variety of settings and aspects of your life.

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