Carpet sweepers enjoying resurgence in popularity

We all remember our mums using these to give the living room a quick once over or sweep up crumbs from the carpet.

Carpet sweepers, however, fell out of favour for a long time after vacuum cleaners were invented and became affordable for most.

We’ve noticed though, that the humble carpet sweeper seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Perhaps it’s because of the current penchant for anything vintage or perhaps it’s because it’s more convenient to whip the carpet sweeper out to get rid of a little bit of dirt rather than the vacuum.

For parents with messy toddlers, it can be a really handy piece of kit, and there’s no noise to scare the baby either.

Whatever the reason, here’s our look at some of the most popular sweepers on the market, just in case you fancy taking a little trip back in cleaning time.

Bissell Steam & Sweep £109.99

Bissell Steam & Sweep

Things have come a long way since Bissell patented the first effective carpet sweeper in 1876. This model sweeps and mops at the same time. There’s a rotating soft bristle sweeper brush to lift up dirt and, when you press the steam trigger, the mop releases powerful steam to loosen grime so the mop pads can wipe it away. This device is designed to work on sealed hard floor surfaces like vinyl, linoleum and tiles.

Evolution 2 Carpet Sweeper £25.99

evolution 2 carpet sweeper

With two height settings, this can be used for carpets or hard floors and has won rave reviews from customers. One said: “On a test run on a carpet that had just been vacuumed, it was amazing how much extra dust, grit and hairy mess it swept up,” and another added: “Miles easier that unwrapping the hoover every five minutes, reliable unlike those cordless vacs. A real asset when you have a toddler making mess at every turn.”

Gtech cordless £44.95

Gtech cordless

Gtech’s SW02 model is rechargeable, so you can take it around the house without any need for mains power. A light-weight design makes it particularly good for cleaning the stairs and you can adjust its setting for either a deep clean or carpet groom. Cleaning time with a full battery is between 25 – 60 minutes depending on whether you are cleaning hard floors or carpets.

Bissell cordless £28

bissell cordless

Another one from Bissell – well, when they invented the device, it would be rude not to. This one is more akin to the sweeper we all remember from years ago. This rechargeable compact is designed for quick, every day clean ups. There’s a rotating brush to capture dirt, depositing it into a transparent dirt bin. There’s 45 minute running time, which should cope with most quick tasks.

Leifheit Rotaro £57

Leifheit sweeper

The Rotaro S is super efficient because of a height adjuster which means it works well on all floor types and because it has twin driven corner brushes. It means the side brushes sweep dust into the path of the main brush for the sweeper to pick up, collecting debris from a wide path up to the edge of the skirting board and around furniture.

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