Caring for Your Carpets

Carpet remains a popular flooring option. And why wouldn’t it? Its insulating effects, as well as its soft and cosy texture mean it is a much warmer option than laminate or tile, and if you have children they’ll be able to fall over to their heart’s content without injuring themselves. But without the proper care, your lush new carpets can start looking dingy in no time. So what do you do to prevent that from happening, and to breathe new life into old carpets whose best years have already passed?

Obviously, regular upkeep is key. Hoovering your carpets every day is a great way to keep it from looking messy. But adding in a bi-weekly shampooing routine is a great plan, too. You can use a simple cleaner such as Vanish, which requires you to spray the foam on, work it in, and leave it to dry before hoovering the lot. With a variety of products, Vanish can really help you to keep your carpet looking brand-new.

For stains and unsightly marks, you can get products such as 1001 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. With some scrubbing and time left to air-dry, this product can tackle a range of stains, but if you find it doesn’t quite touch what you need you can try Stain Devil’s range of products, geared towards a variety of stains.

When you use such products, always ensure you test it in an out-of-the-way corner to make sure your carpet won’t lose its colour. It is unlikely, but obviously you would rather be safe than sorry!

Alternatively, you can use a carpet shampooing unit, which scrubs your carpet and sucks the released grime back in at the same time. These units can allow you to return a degree of lustre to tired-looking carpets, and as an added bonus they can often be rented from local carpet shops. This saves you the outlay required to purchase one of these units yourself, although they may well be worth buying if you find you need them on a semi-regular basis.

If you suffer from pet-hair issues, brushing your pet more often and using a lint roller on your carpets can make a big difference. This will also help your pet prevent hairballs or matting of the fur, so it’s a good idea across the board.

Finally, carpets can become a vehicle for good things. By sprinkling essential oils in the corners (with a light hand, as an overwhelming odour is never pleasant!), you can rest assured that they will smell lovely and impart a lovely fragrance to the room as a whole. Again, check for colour-fastness in an unobtrusive corner, and make sure the oils you choose are not harmful for your pets or small children.

With some careful hints and tips, you can help your carpets regain or retain their beauty and comfort. Don’t resign yourself to dingy-looking carpets, but take action and help your home look and smell great.

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