Caring for Curtains and Blinds

Depending on the type of curtain and blinds you have cleaning can be easy or hard. If you have light weighted curtains they can be put in the washing machine or taken to the cleaners if you can afford spending the extra money. For heavier fabrics, remove them and wash them in your bathtub. You can use light cleaning clothes detergents so that you are careful to not cause damage or spots to them.

For white curtains you can use a small tip of bleach depending on the kind of fabric. Leave your curtains to soak for at least fifteen minutes before starting to wash them. This will remove layered dust. Make sure to let the water out to get rid of the dirty water, then refill the tub with fresh water so that you can wash. It is important to wash and dust your curtains at least once every two to three months.

Washing your curtains every two to three months reduces the amount of dust buildup that can occur. Heavier fabric curtains should be dusted at least once a month and if possible washed once a month. You may even find that washing them as often will give a better smell in your rooms your curtains will look fresh and new all the time. Please be careful not to over wash as colors can fade. Drying curtains can be done in 1 of three ways. You can dry your curtains using the dryer if care instructions will allow you to. Just remember to keep the dryer on a low comfortable setting. Air drying curtains is another easy option. If it’s a nice warm day hang them on a line to flow in the breeze and let those curtains soak up some of those lovely sun rays.

If you take your curtains to the cleaners they will dry them for you so when you receive them all you have to do is hang them up. Cleaning hooks is easy just soak them in water and antibacterial soap. If your care instructions allow you to add a little bit of bleach instead of soap you can do that as well. Adding bleach helps to illuminate any disgusting bacteria or grime that has built up in or outside of the hooks. Steam cleaning is an easy cleaning method and can be used on most curtains. If you don’t want to risk damaging your curtains this will be the way to go. Steam cleaning is safe and takes up less time than cleaning in the bath tub. You don’t even have to remove your curtains. This method also dries your curtains as you clean. In the event that your curtains are still wet just let them hang and air dry.

Cleaning blinds is easy all you need is soap and water. Do not use scrubbing pads or harsh chemicals such as bleach. All you need is a washcloth, lukewarm water and soap. You do not need to scrub very hard as stains and spots on blinds can be removed easily with a firm wipe of the hand.

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