What Career is Right for You (Part 2)

Make a list

Write down all the things that you enjoy doing and think of creative ways through which you may turn them into lucrative businesses. If you enjoy designing websites, then you might prepare a portfolio to show to potential clients and start contacting companies in your area, charging them less than other web designers usually do. Obviously, you will have to do some research so that you know what your competitors’ standard fees are.

Time Investment

Evaluating different options and changing careers does not take a lot of time. All you have to do is sit at your desk in the evening and prepare a plan of attack. Remember that starting a new career is a very important step in an adult’s life, so you need to consider various factors before you can quit your current job.

Are you too old to start a new career?

If you have worked at the same company for decades and have invested a lot of time and effort in your job, you may think that it’s too late for you to change careers. On the contrary, your experience will probably help you succeed in your new career, as you may transfer the skills you have acquired in the past to your dream career.

I am lucky enough to have a job…

We live in unstable times, where the economy is unpredictable and the job market is going through a grave crisis. Those who have a job deem themselves lucky, so why should you quit yours, when it allows you to pay for your monthly bills, rent and food? The best thing to do in this case is to do a lot of research and quit your current job only when you are confident that changing careers will benefit you in the long run.


It is crucial that you should have at least a few thousand pounds in your current account before changing careers, especially if you are planning on becoming a self-employed professional or a freelancer, as it might take some time to create a solid client-base and to start getting paid on a regular basis.

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