Cara Delevingne reveals her Mulberry collaboration at London Fashion Week

She is undoubtedly the hottest model in the world right now, and so perhaps the next logical step would be to add her name to a famous fashion brand, but not just any old brand. The discerning Cara Delevingne wanted to work with a designer that she had history with, and when Mulberry got in touch, she jumped at the chance. She told The Telegraph: “I don’t ever want to do anything I don’t have a connection with. Mulberry was the first bag I was ever given. Before that it was always fabric bags from India. I loved that bag and wore it to death.”


The 21-year-old model from London has designed three bags for Mulberry, and follows in the footsteps of other successful collaborations as Alexa Chung and Lana Del Rey. Each of the three bags are available in three different sizes and three colours including emerald, camouflage or taupe and will feature accessories such as detachable straps which means that they can be carried as backpacks or on the arm. Apparently it was important for Cara that versatility was a key feature for these bags: “I wanted something very functional. I was so nervous before they finally showed the finished version to me. We only started working on them at the end of last year. These things can go so wrong. They covered my eyes before they finally showed them to me. The build up was intense, I can tell you.”

The inspiration for Cara’s bags is rooted in the countryside and her love of animals and the collaboration came about after she appeared in a Tim Walker shoot for Mulberry last autumn. Cara said: “We discovered a mutual love for the countryside, for animals – and for functional bags.”


And Cara was keen to take this project seriously, and not just add her name to the brand, she wanted to take a hands on role with all aspects of the manufacturing and design of the bags. This took her on a couple of visits to the Mulberry Somerset factories to acquaint herself with the manufacturing process, and she made such an impression that the 700 or so workers there even named a sheep after her.


It seems that this is a long term collaboration with Mulberry, which will please the model’s fans, as if past history is anything to go by, waiting lists for the Alexa bag reached 17,000 at its height. With an Instagram following of more than four million however, the Cara collections could well beat the record the Alexa bags set. And in designing the bags, Cara hasn’t forgotten the people in her life that provided some of the inspiration for the collection, namely her granny and cousin: “She’s 101 and she will like this bag. My five year old cousin will probably like this bag. He’s a boy.”

All pictures courtesy Julian Andrews.

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