Tips on Car Boot Sales

Car Boot Sales UKThey are a little like Marmite I find and divide opinion massively depending on whom you talk to. For me, car boot sales are the best way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. I cannot think of anything I’d much rather do than trawl through other peoples unwanted items, for as the saying goes, ‘One persons junk is another persons treasure’. Or something like that anyway. So what is the best way to get the most out of your next trip to the car boot sales? Well have a look at these Dos and Don’t to get you started.

Hopefully the weather has surprised you and it’s a sunny day. There’s nothing worse (for a seller especially) than a cold wet miserable day, it deters all but the most dedicated of car booters. So you are there, the sun is out and there are loads of stalls, daunted? Don’t be.

Tips on Car Boot Sales

Tip One: Have something in mind that you want to buy before you go. This is really important if the car boot sales you are visiting is a massive one. You can easily get sidetracked into buying things you –

a) don’t need,

b) are rubbish or

c) you’ll car boot yourself within a week.

Tip Two: It’s okay to haggle, but – be realistic and polite. Remember, that person you’ve just offered 10p to has probably been up since 6am and is that Ming Vase really only worth 10 pence? C’mon! If you feel you are getting nowhere but sense the item you are after may not go, it’s worth going back when the car boot sales is nearing closing time. Most sellers reduce their prices and just want to get shot of their stock before they leave.

Tip Three: Take your own snacks. Yes it’s tempting to want to visit the burger vans and everyone gets a chip craving atWade Santa - Wade Whimsie collection from a car boot sales around lunch time but you’ll be saving yourself around £3 on average each if you bring your own sandwiches. Money that can be put towards completing that gorgeous Wade Whimsie collection of yours. Speaking of which, check out this little fella, Whimsie’s very own Santa and only 150 were made. Find one of these and you can be sure to maximise your profit by at least 100%.

Tip Four: Look at the seller. If you are after designer style clothes, don’t waste time approaching stalls selling attire that have a dumpy looking old-fashioned grandmother at the helm. She is unlikely to be selling your style. Check out sellers that are already wearing what you like to wear. I found a Celia Birtwell Dress - Top Shop range bought from car boot salessold out Celia Birtwell Dress last year from the Top Shop range selling for an amazing £2, simply because I clocked on that the seller already had on the latest range from that store. Still can’t decide whether to ebay it or keep it.

Tip Five: Whether you are buying or selling – get there early! Look at the opening times and if selling arrange to arrive at least an hour before setting up. Seasoned car booters will probably already be there and watch out for them grabbing stuff out of your boot before you have even unloaded. Buyers should aim to get there about half an hour before it starts to be able to get the best bargains.

Whatever your take on car boot sales, it is now an established part of British culture and long may it remain.

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