Canon Ixus: The Camera for the Outgoing You

Most of us love taking pictures and nothing is more fun and exciting if we take photos with good quality like those taken

Canon Ixus 115HS

Canon Ixus 115HS

from the Canon Ixus cameras. Canon has proven to be the best brand of camera out in the market nowadays. It has already released different kinds of cameras that everybody love and like. The Ixus series from Canon have had a lot of its kind that definitely defies the connotation that high definition cameras are just for DSLRs.

The Canon Ixus series have several types which include the 115HS, 220HS, and a few more that really give quality output. It does not only give perfect pictures but also high definition videos as well. You could be wondering about the specifications of this camera, well just read on and find out how this fits your cam-whoring activity.

Canon Ixus 220HS

Canon Ixus 220HS

Compared to other compact or point and shoot digital cams, Ixus has cameras with 10mega pixel sensors that can give out that cool and beautiful results. The video recording mode also is in high definition already which makes your videos appear clearer and more real. Canon Ixus cameras also have five flash modes which include flash on, flash off, Auto, Slow sync, and red-eye reduction.

This feature is definitely something that can help in taking perfect pictures. Aside from that, there are types of shooting modes to choose from that are not found in other point and shoot cameras. These shooting modes are IA or intelligent Auto for easier detection, P or the Program mode, Portrait, Kids & Pets which is good for taking photos of kids at play, Smart Shutter, High-speed burst, best image selection wherein several pictures of the same subject are taken and only the best shot will be saved on the cam, handheld night scene for picture taking at night, low light, super vivid, poster effect, color accent where you choose which color will be bright and the rest in monotone, color swap, fish eye effect, miniature effect, stitch assist, and a lot more that make the cam really cool! This also has ISO ranges that help to take quality pictures of your subjects.

Yes, this camera really is the perfect one for you! DSLRs are big and bulky and may not be handy when you are always on the go. If you want quality pictures like those from DSLRs, using cameras from the Canon Ixus series will surely give you what you want without the hassle of big and heavy high definition devices!

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