Canon G12: Kate Middleton’s camera reviewed

The Duchess of Cambridge recently revealed photographs she had taken during a recent trip to Borneo – all snapped on a Canon Powershot G12.

And, given that she’ll soon have a new baby, we’re sure she’ll soon be taking lots more pictures of her precious new arrival.

So, here’s a rundown on Kate Middleton’s camera of choice – and its new upgrade.

The G12


Kate used her G12 to capture memories of her tour to the Far East in September. Four of the seven shots released to the public are in black and white, one of which shows an orang-utan hanging from the branch of a tree.

The PowerShot G12 came out in 2010, targeted at either amateurs who want DSLR functionality without the associated size and weight, or at the DSLR owner who wants a back-up model without carting their usual professional gizmo around on family holidays.

Replacing the G11 after just over a year, the G12 comes with 10 megapixels which, at first glance, might seem a bit disappointing when we are now getting some point-and-shoot cameras offering up to 14 megapixels. But image quality is not all about megapixels and, indeed, the G12’s images are useable all the way up to ISO 1,600.

There’s a good focal range on offer, from 140mm at the telephoto end to the wide-angle film equivalent of 28mm if, like the Duchess, you are snapping landscapes.

The G15

The new model has just been released in time for Christmas this year, and is the higher-end baby brother to Replacing the G11. It’s smaller than the G12, but has stuck to the same styling. While the rather utilitarian nature of the series is off-putting to some, the no-nonsense design does appeal to those who are more about function than form.

It has 12.1 million pixels and has a bit of a change of lens, being the first Canon compact to feature an f/1.8 optic, with a maximum aperture that reduces to f/2.8 at the telephoto end of the 5x zoom lens.

The lens improvement means photographers should be able to separate their subject more effectively from the background by restricting the depth of field.

The articulating screen, that was a favourite feature of the G12, has, however, been replaced with a fixed three-inch version, which does make the device easier to fit into your pocket for on-the-go snapping.

Layout has also been switched around a bit so the dual stake mode dial of the G12 has been changed with a bit of repositioning. The dials still overlap but there’s no ISO dial for shooting in different lights. Instead, the ISO function can be found on the rear d-pad, so it is still easily accessible. It’s a change that’s been made to get the size of the device down a notch.

The G15 is on sale for anything between £349 and £549 depending on which store or internet retailer you go to whereas the G12 can be picked up for around £285.

Canon could perhaps find itself priced out of the compact market as image quality isn’t as good as a DSLR but the price is on a par with an entry-level DSLR, meaning those keen to take the step up from a compact may decide to opt to take another leap upwards, if they can cope with professional standard dials.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether the Duchess of Cambridge trades in her old model for the G15.

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